December 17, 2004
"You're so smart daddy, you know everything …"

Another Lileks/Gnat moment.

"How do they make chickens?" she asked as I ate.

"Well, they grow them, from eggs, and then when they’re old and tired, they fall asleep and they get turned into food."

"On a farm?"

"Technically, yes."

“What's tegnigly?"

"It means it's like a farm."

"Do you want to be a farmer when you grow up?"

"I am grown up, and no, I don't. It's hard work."

"Well if I was on a farm and the animals were there but the farmers weren't I would make ham out of the pigs. How do you do that?”

"Well, again, you wait until they . . . ah, sleep."

"You're so smart, daddy." She beamed. "You know everything. You know states and history. How did you know this?"

"I read books. But you never stop learning."

"You don’t?"

"No. Because there’s always something new to learn, and always something old."

"Like what?"

"Well, there’s the newspaper, which tells you about yesterday, and books that tell you about stuff that happened a long time ago."

"Even . . . thirty years ago?"


And it's true.

But, before that comes this:

… She went to the Girls’ Room herself. And if I can quote her directly, to ensure that she will HATE ME however many years hence when she reads this: …

He knows he's doing it, but he just can't help himself

Which comes first? The daughter he loves more than anything in the world, or a snappy paragraph in an Internet scribble he doesn't even get paid for? No contest:

No, even copying and pasting it would be wrong. Personally I love it all, but out there there must be a lot of people who think that this man still has a few things to learn.

Enough Gnattering for now.

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