January 10, 2005
Coffee and sex education

I googled for "education uk", but for some reason got to this excellent piece about sex education in China:

With prints of paintings by Picasso, Dali and Delvaux donning the walls, the cafe looks no different from others in Shenzhen, the booming southern Chinese city, except its name, Sex Cafe, which draws many curious young men to take a look inside, albeit blushing a little and tentative.

"The cafe is awesome," said a youngster surnamed Yu, who was surprised to find he could borrow books related to sex and surf Internet connections which provide addresses of websites giving advice on sexual health.

"Our service is to bring convenience for customers by combining sex education, sex counselling and free condoms into a one-stop shopping experience," said Tao Lin, director of the city's family planning centre, whose idea it was to turn the original sex education centre into a cafe.

"Backed by the local government, the cafe isn't run for profit, but for the social benefits of local residents," Tao was quoted as saying by China Daily.

Although China is opening up very quickly and perceptions are changing very fast, buying condoms and asking for help on sex issues remain embarrassing to many people.

"But a sex education cafe could make a difference," said Tao. "People won't feel embarrassed to come here in the name of grabbing a cup of coffee."

Interesting in all sorts of ways.

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