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Category archive: Technology

Monday March 18 2019

Further evidence (see below) that vapour trail light is my favourite sort of light:


That photo was photoed by me in June 2008.  In Quimper I think, but if not in Quimper, then somewhere close.

I had been browsing through the directory in which all my photos from that expedition are stored, and I was struck by how well the best of them came out, despite the fact that the camera I was using was quite antique compared to my current camera.  I had always supposed that there had been a big jump in photo quality for me when I got my Lumix ZX150, which was a few years after that.  Since that Lumix ZX150, I have had a Lumix ZX200, and now use a Lumix ZX330.  All of those Lumixes (Lumes?) being much of a muchness.  And I think that’s right, there was quite a jump.  Nevertheless, earlier cameras of mine, when the light was really good, did just as well.  Where they suffered, by comparison, was when the light was merely quite good.

Vapour trails are a feature of the Brittany sky.  Basically, you’re talking about half of every airplane from Europe to America, and half of every airplane from America to Europe.  So, in Brittany, if the weather is vapour trail weather, there will be vapour trails.  A lot of vapour trails.

France also has excellent street clutter, with lots of wires.  The wires go well with the vapour trails, I think.

Sunday March 17 2019

Was out in Bermondsey today, and as usual photoed lots of photos.  But the light was dreary, so here is a photo I took in the same place just under a month ago, on February 19th:


Vapour trail weather, which I love.  And not just for the vapour trails.  In such weather, everything looks good.  Those two birds, for instance.  They look very good.

Ah, the Summer of February 2019.  They don’t make them like that any more, except that they just did.

Wednesday March 13 2019

Some close- and closer-ups of the Optic Cloak:


What these photos, photoed just after I’d photoed these photos, only show a few glimpses of is how different the OC looks, depending on the light’s strength, its direction, and its colour.  All of the above photos were photoed from the western, upstream side of the OC, as I moved from north to south, and all on the same day.  There’s a whole different set to be taken from the east, or from the West on a different day.

This is something that all the best London Things, Big or, as in this case, not so Big, have in common.  (I’m thinking in particular of the Shard and of the Walkie Talkie and, more recently, of the Scalpel (which is only very small in that photo, but which does wonderful things with the light).)

Thursday March 07 2019

My expedition to check out the Optic Cloak got me appreciating the new version of the Greenwich Peninsula, the post-Dome version, that is now taking shape.

Here is a picture of it, one of those computer fake photo things:


The Optic Cloak is an invisible smudge of grey, just after the C of OPTIC and just above the K of CLOAK.  That’s because this picture is not about the truth as such, but about new tall buildings, and the Optic Cloak, although quite tall, is not a building, so, in this picture, it is ignored.

However, what the above photo does show is the big double-barrelled road which takes traffic into and from the Blackwall Tunnel.  And you get a great look at this mighty traffic artery if you climb up onto a footbridge that takes you over it.  Over it if, for instance, you are walking south from North Greenwich tube station, in order to get a closer-up view, from the West, across the big road, than you’d get otherwise, of the Optic Cloak, as I was when I went there, however many weeks ago it was.

You can just about make out this footbridge in the picture above, just above and to the right of the C of COPTIC.

Here are a couple of photos that I photoed of this footbridge:


And here are a couple of views from it, of the Optic Cloak:


But I especially liked the sort of views you get from this footbridge, looking north, towards the Blackwall Tunnel:


Most of the towers in the distance there are across the river, in Docklands, and already that view, as you approach the Blackwall Tunnel is quite something.  As the Greenwich Peninsula itself fills up with more towers, it will look even more mini-Manhattan-ish.

Here are photos I took from the bridge of a couple of interesting vehicles, going north (left) and south (right):


Plus, here is a close-up of that roof clutter, in the left hand of the two looking north photos, above:


This roof clutter makes a point, as do those two views looking north, and the traffic.  This new Greenwich Peninsula has the feeling of old-school work getting done, just as I presume the old one had.  Stuff that really hurts if you drop it on your foot is being made, modified, bought and sold, in this particular part of London, just as it always was.  Noxious gasses and fluids are being propelled hither and thither, in pipes and cans and lorries.  You get the feeling that this isn’t going to stop any time soon, the way it has in Docklands.

It could just be all that Blackwall Tunnel traffic thundering by which gives off that feeling.  However, I don’t think so, if only because the thundering traffic creates the sort of place where the Financial Services Industry wouldn’t want to be.

Here, finally, is the kind of close-up of the Optic Cloak that I had come for …:


.. with a lorry roaring by, full of noxious fluid.

There can be no higher praise for the Optic Cloak than to say that it fits right in with all this hustle and bustle and noise.  Indeed, it dominates it.  It presides contentedly over it.  Most “Art” in such a place would look ridiculous.

Wednesday March 06 2019

Yesterday, as already noted, I was out and about in London.  And another interesting thing I photoed was this, also healthcare-related:


I photoed this photo with his permission, by the way.

I guess that the purpose of this gizmo is to enable the knee-joint to keep moving, while remain in its correct state, without putting any (or at any rate undue) strain on it, the strain being taken by the gizmo and the bits of limb it is attached to rather than (only) by the joint.

But, truthfully, I don’t really know.  What I do know, just from looking at this photo, is that there is a definite plan in action, and that it is helping a lot, far more than one of those big old rigid plaster caste monsters would have.

Here is a close-up of the name of this contraption …:


… which enabled me to find some produktinformation.  What the gizmo does is Führung und Stabilisierung des Kniegelenks.  Which is, I rather think (guess), pretty much what I just said.

Tuesday March 05 2019

Today a friend needed some rather dramatic medical attention, and I dropped by to provide what I hope was a little moral support.  Outside the place where this was happening, I encountered this cute little vehicle:


Two interesting things about this little gizmo.  First, there is the way that its door opens.  The door on its right is open, in the above photos.  Useful in a tight space, I should guess.

And second is what it does, there being a website on it which enables you to learn about this.  It takes tissue or samples from sick people to a lab, where the lab decides its opinion about the nature of that sickness.

I like these little cars, which are so small they are almost motor bikes.  I certainly prefer them to those huge Chelsea Tractors, which look like they’re for doing bank robbery getaways or off-roading or maybe both at once.  Which, let’s face it, most Londoners do neither of, ever.

Tuesday February 26 2019

On Sunday evening, and then again yesterday during the day, my water supply was interrupted.  This has never happened before.  Electricity, yes, that has been interrupted, I seem to recall.  And once, my hot tank refused to stop heating its water, which was alarming.  I had to switch off all my electricity myself, to stop my boiler boiling itself and perhaps exploding like a steam locomotive having a crash.  But, no water?  That was a new one for me, here.

When my taps first ran out of puff, I didn’t know what was causing this.  At first, I thought the problem might be my own personal arrangements, as it had been with that over-eager heating system.  But, I knocked on the door opposite and discovered that my neighbour had received an email threatening water disruption, and it all started to make sense.  One of our neighbours was having work done which necessitated a block-wide water switch off.  This was on Sunday evening, but the email concerned threatened disruption on Monday, disruption that duly occurred.

I wasn’t even completely sure if the water, when restored, would automatically fill up my pipes again, once it had abandoned them.  You know how you can get water to to go up and down in pipes, in school physics lessons.  What if interrupted water supply created a permanent unwillingness of the water to travel along my personal pipes, to my personal taps?

When the water returned later on Sunday evening, it was quite a relief to see it gushing out of my taps again, of its own accord, with no suction pump needed to coax it back into action.  But then, disruption happened again, exactly as threatened, on Monday.

It’s only when you are deprived of something you are used to having that you realise how much you depend upon it.  For washing, of me and of the things I eat from and off.  For flushing the loo.  There was an event I wanted to attend on Monday evening.  No go.  Unclean.

I had never had anything to do with my lady neighbour before this little water drama.  Interesting that things not working properly and “community” go together like this.  When the great machine we all depend on stops working, we suddenly become more dependant upon each other, if only to find out what the hell is going on and when it is likely to stop.

Thursday February 21 2019

The Park Tower Knightsbridge Hotel is what Wikipedia calls it.  Sheraton now calls it the Sheraton Park Hotel. Whatever we call it, this is one of my favourite London buildings from the concrete monstrosity era, partly because nobody who worries about being aesthetically elevated likes the work of its architect Richard Seifert.  Such people also do not like One Kemble Street, or Centre Point, also by Seifert, either.  Too commercial.  Too brash.  Too assertive.  Too symmetrical.  Starchitecture before Starchitecture became chic, and not chic enough.

All the photos you see on the internet of this Park Hotel tend to look like this ...:


… i.e. photoed from nearby, so that you can’t see the magnificence of the Roof Clutter on the top.

So now I will correct this regrettable imbalance, by inserting these views of the Park Hotel photoed by me last Friday from way off in the middle of Hyde Park, into the vast ocean of internet imagery, in the hope that public attention will be drawn to this wonderful and spontaneous assemblage of roof sculpture:


I especially like that last one.  Trees, mist, and then Park Hotel, in soft focus.  Or, out of focus, as we digital snappers say.

Norman castles were evil stone monstrosities when first inflicted upon this green and pleasant land.  But as that style retreated, they turned into picturesque ruins.  The Concrete Monstrosity style is already in headlong retreat, and I like it more and more.

Memo to self: check out this car park, before they destroy it, which they have now decided that they will.

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A Japanese torpedo bomber that could use some zoom
A good time of the year
David Pierce on what it’s like using an electric scooter
Two bits for Samizdata and a weird bridge in Poole
Camera malfunction?
Zooming in on the workers
A machine for playing in that nobody knows how to design
The Beckton Sewage Works
On the triumph of modernism in the kitchen
Magnificent The Wires! sculpture gets noticed because of a concrete temple next to it
Segway Robot
Bike fishing in Amsterdam
Ambtious plans for driverless flying cars
Speeded up pedestrians
“We now have the technology …”
Cleaning lorry with blue Union Jack
Wrap artistry
Out and about with GD1 (7): Instead of using her Real Camera GD1 mostly iPhotoed
Stormtrooper phones home?
Anonymous guys taking (and making) pictures in Trafalgar Square
White Vans are looking more and more like websites
Out and about with GD1 (6): The journey gets properly started
How things like 3D printed blood vessels may be improving education in rich countries
Simon Gibbs on computer programming - me on how Alex Singleton has not written himself out of a job
Cameras seeing red
Cats on an iPhone and Anton Howes on video
Metros of the world
Christmas is coming and you’d better watch out
Fantasy Vauxhall Bridge with lots of glass
Matt Ridley on Epicurus and Lucretius
Less heat and more light
What is this iceStone device?
Going to Kings Cross to see gas holders
Rain on netting
Remembering the summer sun
Anton Howes on the idea of (and the unstoppability of) technological innovation
Old photos of Enceladus
Excellent headline
18/07/2007 - 18:01-19:33
A viadukt and a tunnel
Jim Glymph gets Frank Gehry past the limits of what is buildable
Machine versus icon in Modern Architecture
Hire Intelligence White Van
How to Weaponize your Cat to Hack Neighbours Wi-Fi Passwords
Miniature architecture
Another The Wires! Building in Japan (plus more Dezeenery)
Taxis with adverts
Strange light
Glass Build white van
Shiny little Aston Martin
On packaging – and on the need to chuck it out
Juliet Barker on Knights of Old: A lot of history in one paragraph
Dark Satanic Millbank Tower
A Real (cat) Photographer
A testicle eating killer fish headline and drone dramas
Some quota reflected cranes and a quota white van
Blog interrupted
Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone
Weird wide angle lens effect
Alcoholic Architecture sign
Big Ben through the legs of Gandhi statue in Parliament Square
You can’t make a skyscraper out of containers
Further spectacular information storage progress (which will immediately become very useful)
Designing and building with glass
iPhone with added fish eye lens
Cranes and a bridge (but not in a good way)
Lady rickshaw driver
Photoing and communicating the devastation of Tianjin
Fun stuff in Oxford Street
Interesting vehicles
Selfie sticks on sale – and a selfie stick in use
A blast from the photographic past
Don’t mention The Wires!!! in South Korea either!
My next camera?
Credit where credit is due (in France)
May 2005 was my first big month for photoing photoers
Out and about with GD1 (5): Stoke Newington’s Amazing Castle
A smartphone wearing sunglasses
Out and about with GD1 (4): On the survival of professional photography
Keeping up appearances in Sydney
It begins (badly)
Out and about with GD1 (3): Baritone borrows my charger
Out and about with GD1 (2): How mobile phones both cause and solve meeting up problems
Cats and cricket – cats and drones
You can tell that drones have arrived because now they are being turned into a sport
Smart face on smartphone
Heaven aka the Barley Mow
The selfie stick is a very useful piece of kit
A very distant and yet very good view of the Big Things of London
The new Wembley Stadium under construction plus a white van
Tim Worstall on “reserves”
Bloody Enrique Iglesias drone drama
Ballerina and crane
What is this weird plastic thing?
The view from outside Waterloo Station
Seaside muralist
Another horizontal advert for an only slightly more expensive drone
Blue sky
Adverts for small and cheap drones
An alien robot playing the cymbals and paps
“The temptation to pre-order one of these is almost unbearable …”
What are those things on her hands?
All this stuff
A forgotten war
A Shiny Thing and a friend also photoing it - with an iPhone
Reading Anton Howes again
The Wires get mentioned!  (But it makes no difference!)
Don’t mention The Wires!!!
Another from the archives
Made-up London detectives in real London places
Fantastic day
Another use for a drone
London is getting more colourful
Don’t mention The Wires!!
CATable at the Building Centre
Pepper-spraying drones
Photoing the old London model
The receiving station at Swains Lane (and the previous version of it)
Ships on a roof
Yet more photographers
Big Things in line (with pylon)
Big cat scan
From a cat cushion to Bill Murray and a nude to a demon horse sculpture that killed its creator
Paul Kennedy on centimetric radar
Quota scaffolding and quota roof clutter
BT Tower behind trees
You don’t see this any more
Photoing the photoers on Westminster Bridge
Peter Thiel on how humans and computers complement each other
A drone weaving a structure in space
The rise of (interest in) 3D printing
At the top of the Monument - in 2012 and in 2007
The Leaning Stonehenge Tour Bus of Salisbury
Photo-drones fighting in the Ukraine and a photo-drone above the new Apple headquarters building
Cheap long-haul flights coming soon
Triple Chess and a Four Wheeled Pedal Board
Miniature photographic fakery
Views from Waterloo Bridge
Proof that there are a lot of French people in Britain just now
Drone on the White House lawn
BMdotcom What if? of the day
Drugs drones
Two pictures of the Shard behind some railings
Smartphones and tablets at the Charlie Hebdo demo
Hand done photos
The wrong kind of cranes
Good drone
Some photographers last November
Colourfully painted modernity
Touch typing or no typing at all
Playing away
Christmas Day photos
Shop window
Don’t mention The Wires!
I’m an adjective!
Trousers keyboard
Cameras photoing the Wheel (in 2007)
Photo-drone wars to come
A link and a photo of a photographer
Matt Ridley on how technology leads science and how that means that the state need not fund science
Sign blocked by surveillance camera
Quota roof clutter
In the City with Gus
Tower Bridge glass shattered by beer bottle
Dominic Frisby on the Hype Cycle
Phone (and cash) box
Marginal Eurostar economics
Cats – and technology
Bolts are breaking in the Cheesegrater
Why I am a point-and-shoot photographer rather than a Real Photographer
Union Jacks with colours played around with
The illustrations for Christian Michel’s talk this Friday (plus some thoughts from me)
And now a photo-drone in a London shop window
MDL and DPD delivered what they promised but were wrong about me having to be there to sign for it
The death of email?
Only with a computer
Godot nearly ready
Strange bread
How Bill Bryson on white and black paint helps to explain the Modern Movement in Architecture
Driverless open-plan tube trains for London
Sunshine - construction work - artificial rain
Recently on dezeen
Photographers in Tate Ancient
Another facade being carefully preserved
Flying cars will have to be flown by robots
Keeping up appearances
65x zoom!!!
Bill Bryson on the miracle of crop rotation
Breaking my Samizdata silence
On the problems of half-parking with a half-car
Crane lamp
Tate cat
On the unappealingness of classical music on the internet
Waiting for …
Ballerina with cranes again - this time with added spy cameras
It turns out that lightning speed is immensely useful
On not letting either God or (the other) God do everything
Postrel goes for Gray
Bond car
Parisian roof clutter gets the Real Photographer treatment
God was overheating and now needs radical transplant surgery (and Dawkins now has to do my email)
A swimming pool in a skyscraper
God is dead
ASI Boat Trip 9: The man driving the boat
Big Things through a gasometer
Man 3D-prints Thing in his back garden
5G Boris
A Sunday ramble
ASI Boat Trip 7: Other photographers
Round headlights equals an old car
Sacred architecture and profane roof clutter - a speculation
Self-healing concrete
Bombardier Embrio
Quota bird
My favourite Tour de France in London photo
OpenOffice Writer default resetting nightmares
Colossal fun
More Big Things from the Oval
The colour of sound - I now get this because I just experienced it!
You need to have abseiled …
Cashing a cheque by photoing it
Robyn Vinter is wrong about Google Glass
TfL electronic signs (etc.)
What is this Thing?
Why aren’t people happier about amazing new stuff?
A Bobcat digger and the Coade Lion from the back
Photographer photoing photographer photoing Big Ben
Russian tanks in London
The Not-V2 at London Bridge Station
3D printed structural joints and another Gormley man
Quota photos of and from Tate & Lyle Park
Pylons behind fence
Tower Bridge before it got covered in stone
How much does it cost to power up a mobile phone?
Stones created from layers of old paint from car factories
Building as ornament
Go Chef
Me and the first cranes at London Gateway last September
Organised water
Moving picture
Red arrow?
Ten years ago today
Vauxhall bus station now – and when it was being constructed
Painted people
Spot the owl
Classical Amazon
New train
Mysteriously losing my internet connection and then mysteriously getting it back
Another strange artificial landscape
Detlev Schlichter talking about Von Mises (and being videoed)
Feline ephemera
The good done by the Apple Newton
3D printed baby in the womb
Blue wind
Don’t judge a new technology by its first stumbling steps
Colour photography
A quota post (with a quota link to a post about a post about a quota photo) and another quota photo
Zooming in on that approaching bus
One new thing (an IPS screen) makes me want another new thing (also an IPS screen)
Selfies of me – 2001, 2007 and yesterday
Temporary art made of brightly dressed people
Photoing the A380 from above – from the ground
I now have a new computer screen
Please help me buy a new computer screen
Sandcastles that will live for ever
The text of my talk for Christian Michel last night on the impact of digital photography
Making sense of digital photography
Digital photography as telepathy
Slightly wider tube trains
How hydrogen bombs work
Quota crane and quota plane
Could I please walk on Norman Foster’s proposed bike-ways above the trains (and take photos)?
3D printer sighted!
Model Big Things
Scott Wiener on pizza boxes
Nowadays a picture is no longer worth a thousand words
Mercedes-Benz W123
Dog wearing funny spectacles plus electrical clutter
Taking photos with Big Flat Things
Confirmation that map use has seriously declined
La Porte des Indes
Sculpture at St James’s Tube
Digital photographers holding maps
More photos of things past
Quota videos
Happiness is Gold Blend at only £3 instead of £4.50
Sidwell (and me) on selfies
Mark Steyn on Obama’s Hoover Dam and me on paywalls
Gloomy Earl’s Court picture
Michael Jennings photos the bridges of Porto
Crows nest made of coat hangers
Ashes black out
Bizarre reflection (December 6th 2006)
Wedding photography - old and new
Sperm Bike
Hampers can be annoying
A vanished building and a bendy bus
A Strutton Ground shop and a Strutton Ground pub
Alex on Quentin
My own personal Big Thing viewing platform with close-up Roof Clutter
Here are two photos I took earlier
Cranes seen through Cardinal Place
Another picture from yesterday
Anton Howes at the Rose and Crown
Two favourite photos from September 5th
Finding Rover app tracks lost dogs using facial recognition
Huge semi-submersible ships
The Walkie Talkie and its surroundings
Art gallery made of scaffolding
London Gateway from above
Rob Fisher on the 3D printing future
Bridges for animals
Shard with roof clutter and a crane
Strange artificial landscape
Blank-faced tower – crazy hairdo
Wedding photography (7): Evening
A scaffolder likes Jeremy Clarkson
Google Nexus 4 wedding photography!
There are cranes and there are cranes
Spot the Samsung connection
Stairs Thing outside St Paul’s
Cassette iPhone photographer
Wedding photography (6): The Wedding and the Reception
Testing again
BMdotCOM insult of the day
Views from the Hackney Wick station footbridge
Phablet news
Reflections on a strange coincidence involving an Android app and a malfunctioning bus stop sign
Wedding photography (3): Technology as sculpture
And another posting from my smartphone
Posted from my new smartphone
Google Nexus 4 photos
So painters also used to “take” pictures
Shadow photography
Typing on the new smartphone
Wandering about afterwards
Crossrail grubbings
Art without Artists
Giant cranes made in China for new London super-port in Thurrock
Panoramic view of London from the top of the BT Tower
Alastair James on Blythe Hill Fields and smartphones
Michael Jennings - pictures of globalisation
Photoing people who are photoing food
Doing libertarian business at the Libertarian Home social
Classical CDs from Gramex
Progress with the Vauxhall crane
Looking along Victoria Street to The Wheel (and on how to be liked (or disliked) by Google)
New crane up
A new crane has already arrived
Close-up of the ruined Vauxhall crane
Wheel clear - Wheel in cloud
Is Samizdata in danger of becoming a photo-blog?
Another thing I’d rather photo than own
Christmas Eve feast
Crusader latrines
An earlier tablet photographer
Michael Jennings on why iPad photoing is not ridiculous
Here are (a lot) more photos that I took on March 27th
My dusty computer screen
The strange state of the enviro-argument
The Bezier Building and a hideous advertising erection at the Old Street Roundabout
Strata behind roof clutter
“I just came across this fascinating photo …”
Internet connection problems
How gun control works and how it will defend Libertaria
Does anyone know how I can straighten these gasometers?
Crane and plane
Dream and reality in Mumbai
A camera in each hand
Flat cat
Only railings
No Misc April – Misc May
Misc March
University of California chickens coming home to roost?
Google Earth and Mr and Mrs Goose
The Shard looking like it’s in a 1950s postcard
A happy British Summer Time to all my readers
Photographing the other photographers with my new camera
Space launch monster
Today I’m in a “How very odd!” mood
Ancient and modern (but mostly ancient) cars in Regent Street yesterday
A pill that turns sweat into perfume
Chelsea Bridge under wraps
The Jobs difference
Internet connection oddities
Or maybe this will be my final camera
I think I may have found my final camera
How can I change the double inverted commas in writer from curved to straight-up?
WWWhat a great afternoon!!!
How to immobilise a cat
Camera-equipped sunglasses
No fruit juice
Crane cluster looking even better
Five pictures of me
Lion steals camera
A wrapped building and a crane cluster
A photo taken of a taken photo of the photo being taken
Science can relax about the harm done to it by Climategate
Friday link dump
On the superfluity of the Paddington Basin rolling bridge
Brainwave-controlled cat ears for humans created by Japanese Neurowear
Nil scrap value
“Things appear almost impossible to escape from …”
Do not climb on the Thing!
The wedding lingers on
Signs from the Frenchosphere
Even the Goodyear Blimp is now obsessed with safety
Big crane
And there was you thinking you were immortal
The Shard from beyond the Barrier
Rugby shirts on drugs
The Big Dig and some smaller digging
Mmmmm … scaffolding!
New bridge in Melbourne
Out to lunch with Alex Singleton
Cat news
Raptor not being very stealthy
Old school advertising has its uses
More signage
Why I prefer blogging to writing for a magazine
Flowers in front of blurriness that is still recognisable
Giant bull held up by scaffolding
From a strange airplane propeller to the strange strings of a double bass
A Spanish geography lesson
Bouncing bombs and spinning cricket balls
What camera is best for doing short videos about architecture?
Cool sculpture
Jobs departs from Apple (again)
Richard Dawkins on university debating games
Dawkins does better sound than God ever did
The Monolith?
Transport redirect
The new mainframe
A laptop but not in my lap
Questions concerning the death of copyright protection on downloaded MP3s
Digger and chain
Another ephemeron for David Thompson?
Arecibo Radio Telescope
The joy of error correction
Those cameras are getting cheaper
Is this blog somewhat broken?
“There is electricity and water, but there’s no phone line …”
“I was banished to a separate room …”
Help with Audacity please
The curse of interchangeable lenses and how I want my category killer
Sunset in Oxford Street
Brianmicklethwait Dot Com headline of the day
Rockets are a great improvement on balloons
Beyond the Dome with Goddaughter One
Google rolls out computer controlled cars
More bridge magic
Real life toy trains
The long and short of conversation - Hitchens on YouTube
Which just goes to show that stuff gets around
Happy hundredth
Woody Allen on media lies and on not learning as he gets older
Recent Shard shots
Super Galaxy
Cricket technology and its imperfections
Farnborough (5): Supacat Bloodhound Falcon
Bay Bridge plus a new bridge next to it
Obama raises the price of tanning
Farnborough (3): On the photographic appeal of the Red Arrows
Farnborough redirect
Yesterday and today
Lynxes and an A380
Service interruption
Photoing the World Cup
303 Squadron in the movie and on the telly
A response to the cyclist menace
Pink railway clutter
Spare A3 paper
I do love a steam train on a viaduct
Big box computers versus laptops
Nuking the Oil Spill is probably a rather bad idea
Three Gorges Dam picture
Everyone who shows this picture needs to add that it is not Photoshopped
Soviet space leftovers
More photos from last week
Apple passed Microsoft in market capitalisation today
Photo from the archives
Photos of things past
Steve Davies lecture - photoing and videoing the lecture - post-lecture chat
Rubbish bridge in Shangai
Glass is now very strong
A good bit about the future of art galleries and how to rescue good bits
The US Navy photos itself
How my camera and the internet explained an old bus
You know where you are with a book - usually
Apple keyboard remains excellent – iPhone software not so excellent
Quota vapour trail
London is about to be Kapoored with a big new Olympic Games Thing
Unusual leg extension
Unphotographable sign threatening to photo us
Quota cat rubber
“I can’t respond to any e-mails today …”
IPL on ITV4!
Separating the men from the toys - the future of warfare and of sport?
Beyond iPad (and a picture that goes beyond this posting)
Why David Hepworth is wrong about podcasting
Does Google now rule the world of computing?
Scaffolding ball
Sushi and scaffolding at Victoria
Nasa and Gordon Brown both have their uses
Fitness Superstore
You had a hard disc?  Luxury!
The right to photograph
My local Blockbuster Video just closed
Cricket talk tonight
Abstract satellite expressionism
Towers under the weather - and a steam engine steams to the rescue
Hasselblad hit by custom-built headquarters disease!
Saying it with lights in the Victoria Station shopping centre that were still switched on!
Three airplane photos
Osprey pictures
London cricket roof clutter
Trying to become an adequate interviewer of promising libertarians
Short posting (with short photo) about SpaceShipTwo
The Min-Kyu Choi folding three point plug
The Shard is definitely being built!
Am I interested in dredgers?
Apple mobile phones are very profitable but Nokia mobile phones are not very profitable
The decor in Peter Jones - and where in London can I find a small ice-cube-making machine?
Going global
I’ve just sold Jesus!!!
Shadows on rings
As found roof sculpture
Two Samizdata pieces
Today I bought an Apple Mac keyboard …
Why I vote against AGW
God is killing cinemas!
Pull Tab
Computer coffee table
A muddle of wires
Magic bottle that makes dirty water drinkable
A little archaeology
More recorded cricket chat and some further Oval hindsights
Me and Michael Jennings talk tech trends
Model T parts flatvert
Tienanmen + Twitter = Teheran
Chrome now seems better than IE or Firefox
Idiot Toys is broken!
MP3 Haydn symphonies
Structural decoration
Back lit by the sun
Busy day and busy night
Laptop for emails
How technology has improved detention
Thinking thin at the top
The latest Canon DSLR comes without a twiddly screen
Saturnic majesty
The Vita-Mix 5000 at the Veggie Show
Instapundit turns into Idiot Toys
Nikon D5000?
A photo of the Samsung NC10 and the original Asus Eee-PC next to each other
Crane cluster photo
Multipurpose internet-connected rabbit
Wheel etc.
God is dead but Jesus saves
What the previous two postings here have in common
Daniel Hannan and the shape of the media to come
Bike made entirely of wood
Toys and big toys
God moves in mysterious ways
Clay Shirky on newspaper doom
Unamazing photo of amazing road
By bus to Sheffield
Olympus E-620
Google and dongle
On being sold a telly
Flat train picture and regular train picture
Second Class power
Has the Linux moment passed?
Sailing photos – and another bridge for the collection
OLED TV - very thin and detailed but not very big and not ready yet unless you’re stupidly rich
More random links
Random links
Making the new look and feel like the old
My parents and my uncle and two aunts
Billion Monkey with red mittens on
Another antique
Old postage stamps
Feline flushing
More Englefield Green strangeness
Jesus above the keyboard instead of beyond it
Jesus gets a big new keyboard
Gadget gold
Snapped in Egham
Why Willem Buiter blogs and why I do
Another resizing test
Resized picture done with Jesus but quickly
That went okay
Redirect to a piece on Samizdata about a camera
Pink bunny successfully resized and posted only with Jesus!
Now I’m going to try to stick up a picture with Jesus
Dongling at Michael’s
Solo piano solace – John Lenehan
Number on a bus roof
“This is fun!”
Wingtipping a V1
The uses of Jesus
Connection problems - now sorted
SDHC success and an unblurry Billion Monkey!
Hand powered computer?