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Category archive: My photographs

Tuesday April 30 2019

In that chat that me and Patrick had yesterday, about Christianity and its influence, I mentioned, for some reason, how part of the reason the Shard is shaped like the Shard is that it is also shaped like the steeple of a typical sort of London church.

The church in these photos, that I photoed the same day I photoed these photos of the Optic Cloak, is Christ Church Isle of Dogs:


The little game I played there with the two spires, as I walked back towards the middle of London from the Greenwich Peninsula, is exactly the sort of thing Renzo Piano had in mind when he designed his spire.

This is not the first time I’ve played now you see it now you don’t with a church and the Shard, aligned.

The trick is for the church to be very near, compared to the Shard.

Monday April 29 2019

Earlier today, Patrick Crozier and I recorded another of our recorded conversations (by and by it will appear here).  Patrick laid out the agenda which was Christianity, and how, although he could never believe in it, henevertheless regrets the diminution of its influence on our world.

He mentioned the way the Western Roman Empire fell apart after it had been conquered by Christianity (echoing Gibbon, although I didn’t say that; he mentioned ecclesiastical architecture; he mentioned the intimate relationship between Christianity and secular power; and at one point we rather digressed, into the matter of French domestic architecture.

Here are four photos I photoed in Quimper, Brittany, exactly one year ago to the day, which illustrate these various talking points:


Photo 1.1 a history lesson inside Qumper Cathedral which covers the ground Patrick alluded to about the Roman Empire (protected by glass, hence the reflection of the stained glass window)..  Photo 1.2 is a view of one of the towers of Quimper Cathedral, as seen from the other tower.  Photo 2.1 is of an equestrian statue, from the same spot.  And finally, 2.2, also from the same spot, is a photo looking out over the city of Quimper.

The weather could have been a lot brighter, but you are only allowed to the top of Quimper Cathedral on the one day each year, and April 29th 2018 was the day that it was

I will greatly miss Quimper and its Cathedral, now that my friends in France no longer live there.  I won’t be going back on my own, just to see it but not them.

Saturday April 27 2019

Yes, I like to photo signposts.  You know where you are, with signposts.  Because they pretty much tell you where you are.

Here’s a signpost photo I photoed in March 2012:


But there’s more to it than just having a note of where I was, useful though that is.  There’s something about actually seeing those particular names of particular places which makes the fact that this is where I really am – and then later: was - come particularly alive.

As you can tell from the previous paragraph, I don’t really know how to explain this fascination of mine.  And just now, I am too knackered, having spent the day recovering from a Last Friday of the Month meeting that happened last night.  Dominique Lazanski: very good.  My front room: very full.  Aftermath: lots of crap to tidy up.

Yesterday was a day when I had to be very energetic and alive, to get ready for that meeting.  So, I was.  (Hence those four blog postings yesterday.) Today, I could be knackered.  So, I was.

Friday April 26 2019

In March 2005 there was scaffolding at the Albert Memorial, and I photoed it, along with several of its subsidiary sculptures, sculptures of which I am very fond:


There is an elephant there, centre stage, which is why this has to go up here on a Friday.  Also, note the lady with with her (right) boob job.  I’ve always liked that.

Here is Albert himself, same day, same time:


My camera then was this one.

There will come a time, not so far in the future now, when the only photos of my own that I blog about will be photos I photoed earlier, often, as in this case, a lot earlier.

One of the first things I did in France, after I got off the plane and had been driven by my hosts to their home, was to meet up with Oscar again.  Remember Oscar?  Oscar is the cat, who got lost and found, partly thanks to the photos I took of him, but mostly because of GodDaughter2’s social media expertise.  She located him, in France, while not even being in France.

Here is one of the first photos I photoed of Oscar this time around:


I like that photo because it looks like we’re are looking at each other horizontally, but are actually …:


… looking at each other vertically, him upwards and me photoing downwards.  Those being my feet, at the bottom there.  On the right, the light of the south of France on the floor of the balcony outside the bedroom I was in.

The earlier photos I linked back to were taken in their Brittany home, but now my friends are more permanently in Thuir, way down south, near Perpignan.  Oscar doesn’t like car journeys (stuck in a small prison hardly bigger than he is), but he has no objections to actually being in a different house.  Somewhere new to explore.

Wednesday April 24 2019

Fifteen years ago today, on April 24th 2004, at the Parliament end of Westminster Bridge, I took a clutch of photos of a guy who was photoing the London Eye from that spot:


So far so ordinary.  Not so ordinary, however, is that he was using a mobile phone.  This is one of the earliest sightings I have found in the archives of mobile phone photoing, a trend only resisted now by freaks like me who care lots about photoing, but almost nothing about instantly communicating, of photos or of anything much else.

My camera was a Canon A70.

Tuesday April 23 2019

In the part of France where GodDaughter2’s family live and with whom I recently stayed, there are two ways to make a car journey.  You can take what looks like the long route, along two or even three sides of a motorway rectangle, only travelling on little roads when you have to, to get to and from the motorway.  Or, you can attempt to travel more directly, along little roads, by the scenic route.  The scenic route looks quicker on the map, at first glance.  But the motorways are quicker because they always go straight where they’re going.  They don’t wiggle back and forth up and down mountains, or get stuck in little villages.

I was taken on various car journeys during my stay, of both kinds.  The trips involving airports were on motorways, as were others.  But there were also various journeys along those scenic routes.

Here are a few of the many, many photos I took while on such expeditions: 


The thing is, France is (see above) big.

On one of these expeditions we drove for about four hours, hither and thither, up and down, through kilometre upon kilometre of gorgeous scenery, encountering about three other oncoming vehicles per hour. We crossed over numerous bridges as we switched from going down or up one side of a valley to going up or down the other side of the same valley, often able to see past nearby trees to distant mountains, but often not, passing through and sometimes stopping in towns or villages with orange tiled roofs.

Countryside in England of this desirability, in weather like this, would be swarming with motorists, all making it impossible for each other to have a good time.  In the south of France, where this sort of weather is only average (too cold and windy) and where they have endless supplies of such scenery, we had the entire route pretty much to ourselves.

Also, in England, if you were to drive for half a day at the slowish but steady speed we were able to drive scenically in France, you’d take a visible bite into the map of England.  In France, such a trip doesn’t register, nationally speaking.  You’ve gone from this little place here, to this next little place right next to the first place, here, two milimetres away.  As an exercise in crossing France, forget it.  You have made no progress at all.

It’s not just places like America, Africa and India that are big.  Compared to England, France is big too.

Friday April 19 2019

I like how digital photography has replaced killing, as a way to collect wildlife.  In particular (as I learned when preparing a talk I gave about digital photography five years ago), I like how butterfly collectors now collect butterfly photos instead of dead butterflies.

However, although I regularly wander about photoing photos, I have myself never photoed a butterfly.

Until last week, in France, on the same day as and about an hour after I photoed that Death in France photo, I photoed this butterfly:


I know.  Not very impressive.  And is that another butterfly, a dead one, upside down on the floor there?  I rather think it may be.

However, a second later, this happened:


Is that two butterflies shagging?  Do butterflies even do that?  Butterfly necrophilia perhaps?

I have no idea what brand of butterfly this particular butterfly is, but it is rather fine, I think.

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Fish in Orchard Place
Rose red city
Window cleaning cranes in Victoria
Views from London Fields
The past and the future
Three Walkie Talkie photos
Friendly cat near Bow Roundabout
An array of yellow emoji key rings
Anti-BREXIT demo signs
Mark Pennington at the ASI
Misty (or polluted) at Canning Town
Slam City Skates in Covent Garden
Looking up in the City
Leake Street photo session
Beltane & Pop van parked on the South Bank yesterday afternoon
New River Walk
Spring in Islington
Photoing the faces of strangers (or in my case: not)
If Pugs could fly
Chronicle Tower and its roof (and window-cleaning crane)
I’m too knackered to tell you why I like this
Lost and found
Two sunsets and two London towers
Photoing last Friday’s Last Friday meeting
The outdoor map next to the Twelvetrees Crescent Bridge over the River Lea
The Robert Stephenson statue at Euston
Cruelty to a fake animal – kindness to a fake animal
Shopping Trolley Spiral beside the River Lea
An Underground sermon
An old person television set
Battersea from Clapham Junction
Some temporariness being immortalised
Pictures of James Tooley last night
A sign in a bus and the same sign malfunctioning
Men on Gherkin
To Tottenham (7): Building the new Spurs stadium
Up early – blogging early – elephant sculptures
I Love You Will U Marry Me
A snip at £7,499.99
A vintage photo
You wait for years and then two come along at once
Mosaic diversion
Quota coloured lights outside the Royal Festival Hall
Quota construction
Up on my roof - at Samizdata and here
Someone else has been tidying up too
Skull Shaver
Merry Christmas from the Pilot Store (and from me)
Home alone
Wheel reflections (again)
Me shadowing another photoer
To Tottenham (5): Shadows and reflections in the same place
Tottenham Court Road tube entrance next to Centre Point
Apple juices compared
Fog in Victoria
Man in suit and swimming cap
Fantastic Beasts has an alcove in W.H. Smith all to itself
Freddie’s Flowers white van
To Tottenham (4): Illuminated worker
3D printed jewellery by Lynne Maclachlan
When photoing with mobile phones began (and when I began photoing it)
To Tottenham (3): The Railwa
Trump makes headlines a year ago
Arthur Seldon Centenary photos
To Tottenham (2): Seven Sisters?
Early dusk
I am knackered
Packaging that is too good
To Tottenham (1): A fine day (especially for scaffolding)
Quota Citroen DS
One mobile phone photoer now
Clocking clocks
What indeed?
Sunlight on sea
Views from Waterlow Park
Don’t be fooled by the smallness of the building
Creatures of outer London
London Bridge lit up (in 2006)
A rollerblader in 2006
The underneath of Tower Bridge
Remembering ten years ago
A dogs and cats building
Roof clutter on my roof and from my roof
A photo of nothing
An amateur photo of a pro
The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home light show
Smith versus Marx
The Spraycan bounced off the new US Embassy
Where shall I go tomorrow?
Happy Halloween
The painted word
Graffiti cat
Pavlova under wraps
Batman consults his smartphone
The art of taxi advertising
Snake on a car
A particularly good panoramic view of central London
Coastline politics at Samizdata
Wembley Arch lighting contrast
More birds on a TV aerial
Van – grey but very interesting
Another TV aerial
Cruise plays along
An enlarged Dinky Toy in Belgravia
Pigeons on a TV aerial
What does Thames “RIB” Experience mean?
Not a shot tower – no longer a pumping station tower
So shiny it looks fake
Waterloo Eurostar revamp begins
Quota thatched roof
The Dome and Tower Bridge aligned
I never thought that we could win
The wonderful things they’re doing with plastics nowadays
The Big Parliament Tower and the Shard as seen from the Westminster Cathedral Tower
240 Blackfriars behind some reinforced concrete that is being demolished
Strand Palace Hotel footbridge
Harley Davidson - woman playing gramophone records
Wooden Citroens and black baby dolls
Brittany lighthouses
When the people are the Art
Ghost Bus
Cats don’t smile
Just the top of the BOT … but still instantly recognisable
Six dials at Seven Dials
Miguel aligns his message with his van
Another illustrated van
They’re back!
Photoing Tate Modern from the Oval and the Oval from Tate Modern
Pink van with roller-blading fox
Tate Modern is now fighting with its neighbours about privacy
A direct hit
Eltham horses (and a dog (I think))
Centre Point and surroundings as seen from the top of the Tate Modern Extension
David Hockney comes to Pimlico
Another Big Thing alignment
The Wembley Arch and The Wheel
A very good meeting - and a quota horse with quota cart
Views of Epsom and views from Epsom
Sunny Croydon
A day in BMdotcom heaven (5): My belated photo-tribute to Kumar Sangakkara
Quota Shard with quota cranes
There’s a spiral staircase inside the Testicle
Dernbach decisive again
Windows in bright light
When welfare means lavatories
Another place to photo London’s Big Things from
Another fine day at the Oval (4): Scoreboards old and new
Street dogs
Keeping their distance
Millenium Bridge with boats
Asian wedding photoshoot
More photos from last Friday
Scaffolding - covered up and then brightly lit
Another fine day at the Oval (3): A slightly different seat and a slightly different view
A lurid sunset
Quota Pavlova statue photo
Some more anonymous photographers from May of this year
Another fine day at the Oval (2): Jason Roy – and an extreme contrast
An A380 in Victoria Street
An allotment and two cats
Did the ghostly Blackfriars Bridge columns make the new station more buildable?
Another London Big Thing alignment
Shard and Walkie-Talkie from the top of the Cheesegrater
The hottest day of the year (5): Old Citroens in Roupell Street
The hottest day of the year (4): An antique view from Waterloo
The draw that turned out not to be
Ghostbusters sculpture advert at Waterloo Station
Spraycan with moon
Gherkin in splendid isolation
Bird – and bird close up
LIFE at the Park Theatre
London looking like Dubai
Photoers photoing the views from the Tate Modern Extension
Nelson statue in Greenwich
Views from the new Tate Modern Extension
A Docklands footbridge about to be put in its place
Temporary Oxford Street
The view from Docklands ten years ago
Photoers and railings
A pig and two dogs
The right moment and the right alignment
UCH footbridge
Are London’s cranes about to depart for a few years?
The new Tate Modern extension from inside Blackfriars Station
Brilliant Brian’s Last Friday talk
The Union Jack’s near death experience(s?)
Lions - Bears - Blackhawks
An electric car recharging itself in The Cut
WWWhite Van
A good morning
The new US Embassy – from my roof
A windy day
A decade of unrecognisable photographers
55 Broadway
The City from above
Brexit Kenny photos
Incoming horizontality from Simon Gibbs
Seven London bridges (again)
Face recognition – face disguise – the age of pseudo-omniscience
More South of France bridges
South of France signs
Keeping up appearances at One Palace Street
Goodbye PhotoCat – hello PhotoPad
A bridge in Narbonne
Bird takes off from a TV aerial
Benevolent Laissez-Faire photos
Horizontal French signs
A house in France that is not faceless
Safe cracks in an airplane window
Weather and weather
Why I photo postcards
My camera can see through a Ryanairplane window better than I can
Using your crane to protect your cement mixer
The view from the roof
White vans are becoming very informative
Pizza Express bus
The difference between roof clutter and roof clutter
Another photo for the traffic lights countdown set
Centre Point through the new station entrance
Keeping up appearances next to Centre Point
Looking in at the Zaha Hadid Design Gallery in Goswell Road
Van Art
Happy couples
Another walk along the river
Some pyjama blogging
Sickness and sunset
Bard and Shard
What sort of duck is this?
Trees pruned into strange sculptures
A rubbish lorry posting
The footbridges of Shad
South Bank views
What I hope will be a better way to post clutches of photos here
South Bank Superheroes
Taking photo-notes and an app for improving photo-notes
The Waterloo Eurostar terminal is being revived
Cause and effect
A crane folds itself up
Pochards and Ibises
Blue van
Checked out: The Big Olympic Thing
Regent’s Canal creatures (and a photographer)
Today I am checking out the Big Olympic Thing
Another idea for a collection of photos
Losing the leaves in Victoria Park
Collecting footbridges
Brexit as a clash of pessimisms
Me and GD2 photoed in a mirror above us
Photo of Mountbatten on Sea Containers House
Recent taxis with adverts photos
Blog often (this time about the sound and the vision of this evening’s Tim Evans talk to LH)
Blog early
Barcelona owl
Pavlova sunset
Quota snappy snap
Out and about with GD1 (8): Non-human creature vans
Looking across Vincent Square
Big Ben bigger
Asking about the Southbank Mosaics Gallery and asking about London’s Big Things
Photoers on Westminster Bridge
Black Cat white van
Vans that need to look the part
Quota caption competition
White vans in Kentish Town
A busy day and a collection of Big Things
A still life and a cat cushion in Kentish Town
A good time of the year
148 to Burgess Park
A Big Thing and a Much Bigger Thing – on a not-black cab
Another way to photo my meetings
Quota Pavlova
The first Brian’s Friday of the year tomorrow evening
Walkie Talkie looking not that huge
Shard behind the Tower of London (reprise)
Big Things on Boris Bikes
Camera malfunction?
Orange coloured London
Zooming in on the workers
The Beckton Sewage Works
Blue sky
On the triumph of modernism in the kitchen
Abandoned (one-eyed) reindeer jumper
Street lamp and Strata lined up
With GD2 in Richmond Park (3): Scary names
Speeded up pedestrians
Cleaning lorry with blue Union Jack
Wrap artistry
Wicked Campers: Are they now going respectable?
Twelve 2015 photos
Holding the Wheel
Quota sculpture made of plastic milk bottles on the South Bank in 2012
Stick objects and my brother through a stick object
With GD2 in Richmond Park (2): Deer
Some reindeer-based Christmas cheer from last year
Out and about with GD1 (7): Instead of using her Real Camera GD1 mostly iPhotoed
ShiRtstream drycleaners and a party recollection
Stormtrooper phones home?
Two mice and a cat on a Wicked Van
Loading problems
Wheel and shadow (and Wheel reflected)
Anonymous guys taking (and making) pictures in Trafalgar Square
White Vans are looking more and more like websites
On going ahead with a posting anyway even if I don’t have all the photos to hand that I would like
Food memories from the outer suburbs
Out and about with GD1 (6): The journey gets properly started
Screens at dusk
Cameras seeing red
For CAR’S read CARS
A rural roof where I did not expect it
Christmas is coming and you’d better watch out
Coloured lights in bottles outside the RFH
Avian Friday
New chairs
Four towers joined together by two bridges
Quota Bald Blokes and Big Ben
Less heat and more light
Couple photoing their own shadows
What is this iceStone device?
Filling in a Meaningless Triangle near Kensington High Street tube
A Morris Minor advertising a ping pong night club
The sexiest statue in London?
Rain on netting
Calories defined
Remembering the summer sun
Union Jack mirror in a Tottenham Court Road furniture shop
18/07/2007 - 18:01-19:33
The view from my kitchen
Now I know what a Mews is
Hire Intelligence White Van
Corbyn – and an advert bus
Big house
Taxis with adverts
Man on horseback – and cranes
Richmond boat cat - giant video kitten - East End cat graffiti
Painting the bridges of Richmond
Strange light
Blokes photoing
An underground history lesson
England rugby and London soccer
Here begins the Essex Way
Glass Build white van
BT Tower with cranes
Shiny little Aston Martin
On packaging – and on the need to chuck it out
View of the footbridge - view from the footbridge
Crane on fire
I was photoing white vans in February 2007
Early thoughts on the Rugby World Cup
What’s this?
Marmite crisps are back!
Dark Satanic Millbank Tower
A day in BMdotcom heaven (4): A tale of two penultimate overs
A day in BMdotcom heaven (3): Adverts
Some quota reflected cranes and a quota white van
A day in BMdotcom heaven (2): Surrey v Notts was played in front of a live studio audience
Blog interrupted
Rainbow over Millbank
A day in BMdotcom heaven (1): One early picture
Green Park wedding photos
An old American car in Tottenham Court Road
London Biggin Hill “Jet Centre”?
Weird wide angle lens effect
Shiny little car
Brightly lit against a dark background
Big Ben through the legs of Gandhi statue in Parliament Square
A couple of old squares
A big Black Cab advert picture for a Samizdata posting
Designing and building with glass
White van reflexology
Photoing down by the river
iPhone with added fish eye lens
Lady rickshaw driver
The light outside the Proud Archivist on the evening of July 22nd
Trois Citroens (et deux chevaux)
Sorry!  No Photo’s!
Fun stuff in Oxford Street
Where punctuation might have helped
Two photographers photoing me
Golden Cheesegrater with cranes
Interesting vehicles
Selfie sticks on sale – and a selfie stick in use
With GD2 in Richmond Park (1): Views of London
Lining things up behind the Royal Festival Hall
A blast from the photographic past
Credit where credit is due (in France)
Zorb football
Palestra House – then and now
May 2005 was my first big month for photoing photoers
Out and about with GD1 (5): Stoke Newington’s Amazing Castle
Photographers by the river
London dragon
Sunlight (selectively) on roof clutter
A smartphone wearing sunglasses
Out and about with GD1 (4): On the survival of professional photography
A man taking a Selfie before it was A Thing (and me taking a picture of him)
A rather argumentative van
Lots of photos of the camera man
The weather is too good
Angela’s Nails
Pancake White Van
Cannon Street Station at the end of the street
Smoke over west London
Moving speaker – unmoving listeners, video holder and books
Pavlova reflected in double glazing
Unusual bench?
More keeping up of appearances
The Shard was looking very special today
Windsor Castle from the top of the RAF Memorial
Photoing old Dinky Toys in Englefield Green
Smart face on smartphone
The selfie stick is a very useful piece of kit
A very distant and yet very good view of the Big Things of London
Church not dwarfed by anything
A posh white van and a not so posh white van
Two Lady covers
Big Thing alignments from the top of Westminster Cathedral
The new Wembley Stadium under construction plus a white van
Customer service
Two more Pavlova pictures
Tim Worstall on “reserves”
BMdotcom quotes of the day from Edward Snowden (and a picture of him)
Real Photographer - shame about the adverts
Ballerina and crane
Shard - Guys - Tate Modern - Blackfriars Bridge - photoed during Magic Hour
An interesting front page story
What is this weird plastic thing?
The view from outside Waterloo Station
Strange London buses
How Centre Point is looking just now
First test against NZ – first day
Blue sky
High hair
Hungerford Footbridges photographers
An alien robot playing the cymbals and paps
A photographer and an advert
Guy’s Hospital tower and Tate Modern tower
What are those things on her hands?
Ancient carved god spied in modern London
A forgotten war
Oh yes it could
A Shiny Thing and a friend also photoing it - with an iPhone
Along the river towards Battersea
Lovely light
More Big Olympic Thing photos
A Shiny Thing by Frank Stella Hon RA
Another from the archives
Big 4
Another quota sign
Magic clarified
Viewing the clutter at Centre Point
Made-up London detectives in real London places
Fantastic day
London is getting more colourful
CATable at the Building Centre
Photoing the old London model
The receiving station at Swains Lane (and the previous version of it)
BT Tower - trees without leaves - blue windows
Yet more photographers
Big Things in line (with pylon)
Click on the picture to get a different picture
Wheel behind trees
More White Vans
Quota scaffolding and quota roof clutter
A weird view of the Wheel - and cats in Tiger
White Vin Van
White Van
BT Tower behind trees
You don’t see this any more
Photoing the photoers on Westminster Bridge
Pavlova with a new building and a passing bus
The ROH bar and its floating-in-the-air drinkers
The view from Suicide Bridge
Big cat advert
Bizarre designer furniture in a Covent Garden window
Why quota photos?
Another from the I Just Like It directory
At the top of the Monument - in 2012 and in 2007
Is 2007 old enough?
Shadow photography (again)
The Leaning Stonehenge Tour Bus of Salisbury
True hearts and warm hands
Exit Caesar
Triple Chess and a Four Wheeled Pedal Board
Talk went well - two (not really) quota photos
Views from Waterloo Bridge
Incidental Last Friday details
Move over CND
Photographers - photographers with hats (one of the hats being rather scary)
“Real Democracy Now” in Parliament Square this afternoon
Big cats jacket
Two pictures of the Shard behind some railings
Smartphones and tablets at the Charlie Hebdo demo
Sixty Charlie Hebdo demo signs that say something other than “Je Suis Charlie”
Charlie Hebdo demo in Trafalgar Square
A photographer from the I Just Like It directory
Some photographers last November
Posting difficulties so see you tomorrow
Cats in Quimper shops
Quimper and its Cathedral
French roof clutter
A French film poster advertising a British film
Christmas Day photos
Shop window
Two geese
Hirst’s Hymn outside the Tate Gallery
To Covent Garden (3): Cat that looks a bit like a dog
To Covent Garden (2): Rough roofs – smooth roof
Christmas tree with scaffolding
Santa’s tired helpers
To Covent Garden (1): The twisty footbridge
Cameras photoing the Wheel (in 2007)
Was Guy’s Tower a key building in the architectural history of London?
Photo-drone wars to come
A link and a photo of a photographer
Sign blocked by surveillance camera
My digital photos on his TV
ASI Christmas Party photos
Photoing at the ASI party
Quota roof clutter
At the ASI Christmas Party
In the City with Gus