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Category archive: Architecture

Tuesday April 30 2019

In that chat that me and Patrick had yesterday, about Christianity and its influence, I mentioned, for some reason, how part of the reason the Shard is shaped like the Shard is that it is also shaped like the steeple of a typical sort of London church.

The church in these photos, that I photoed the same day I photoed these photos of the Optic Cloak, is Christ Church Isle of Dogs:


The little game I played there with the two spires, as I walked back towards the middle of London from the Greenwich Peninsula, is exactly the sort of thing Renzo Piano had in mind when he designed his spire.

This is not the first time I’ve played now you see it now you don’t with a church and the Shard, aligned.

The trick is for the church to be very near, compared to the Shard.

Monday April 29 2019

Earlier today, Patrick Crozier and I recorded another of our recorded conversations (by and by it will appear here).  Patrick laid out the agenda which was Christianity, and how, although he could never believe in it, henevertheless regrets the diminution of its influence on our world.

He mentioned the way the Western Roman Empire fell apart after it had been conquered by Christianity (echoing Gibbon, although I didn’t say that; he mentioned ecclesiastical architecture; he mentioned the intimate relationship between Christianity and secular power; and at one point we rather digressed, into the matter of French domestic architecture.

Here are four photos I photoed in Quimper, Brittany, exactly one year ago to the day, which illustrate these various talking points:


Photo 1.1 a history lesson inside Qumper Cathedral which covers the ground Patrick alluded to about the Roman Empire (protected by glass, hence the reflection of the stained glass window)..  Photo 1.2 is a view of one of the towers of Quimper Cathedral, as seen from the other tower.  Photo 2.1 is of an equestrian statue, from the same spot.  And finally, 2.2, also from the same spot, is a photo looking out over the city of Quimper.

The weather could have been a lot brighter, but you are only allowed to the top of Quimper Cathedral on the one day each year, and April 29th 2018 was the day that it was

I will greatly miss Quimper and its Cathedral, now that my friends in France no longer live there.  I won’t be going back on my own, just to see it but not them.

Friday April 26 2019

Here.  I also like the photo at the top of his Twitter feed.  He describes himself as a “campaigner”, which sounds ominous.  But like he says: how they weigh owls.

Wednesday April 17 2019

Yes, telling you about how I’ve been in France.

So. where was I?  In France?  Well, to give you an idea, here are some of the excellent places I visited:


Whenever I am in foreign parts, I always photo signs, adverts, and the like.  Every place has its own style for doing such things, so signage photos can be very evocative, when you look back at them.  Also, they tell you where you were, and hence what all the other photos taken at the same time were of.

Click on the above photo-fragments to get some context.  If you are curious about any of these places, well, you now have the words you need to go searching.  Words are already links, in the sense that you don’t need me to turn them into links.

I especially like how, when you leave a French town or village, you get a sign with the name crossed through with a red line (2.3).

I also photo war memorials, keeping a particular eye open for repeated surnames.  In Lagrasse (3.1), Baillat, Fontvieille and Jougla are surnames that each get two mentions.

I also like to photo the stuff in tourist shops, especially the postcards (1.1 and 3.2).  That way, you get what tourists generally consider to be the best views, and are alerted to interesting local things which you otherwise might miss even learning about.  Although, in St Cyprien, I got a bit of aggro from a couple shopkeepers who objected to me photoing their produce instead of buying it.

Tuesday April 16 2019

There you were, waiting for a good time to con your way past the front door of my block of flats by saying you’re the postman, to climb my stairs, to bash in my front door and to plunder my classical CD collection.  All that was stopping you was the fear of me bashing your skull to bits with my cricket bat, which I keep handy for just this sort of eventuality.

So anyway, there you were reading all about how my life for the last week has been complicated.  But, I clean forgot to tell you that the reason for all this complication was that I was off in the south of France.  Silly old me.  I’m getting old, I guess.

Here’s how the south of France was looking:


Those are the Pyrenees at the back there.  In the foreground, lots of little wine trees.

The weather looks slightly better in that than it really was, what with it having been so very windy.  Especially on the final day of my stay, up on this thing.

Monday April 15 2019

An airplane approaches London City Airport.  There are cranes, leaning away from each other, ...


... which was all I thought I was photoing.  Until I looked at it at home on a much bigger thing; and saw a Much Bigger Thing:


Yes, the Big Olympic Thing.

Another photo of somewhere, turned into somewhere by the same Big Thing.

Wednesday April 10 2019

For a posting I did here last Saturday, I went looking for an example of Mick Hartley sneering at an idiot artist (it didn’t matter which one) for talking art-speak bollocks.  It actually took me quite a lot of scrolling to find such a posting.  Mostly he features photos that he likes, and anti-semitism and such stuff, that he doesn’t like.

While scrolling for the art-speak bollocks, I came across this wonderful photo, which Hartley found here:


One of the many things this photo illustrates is, I think, what a truly magnificent building the Walkie-Talkie is turning out to be.  The variety of effects it creates, depending on the light and on where you are, is truly amazing.  I love how, in this particular photo, its windows merge into the general pattern of city windows, with individual buildings being hard to discern as the sources of all the bright little rectangles.

The Walkir-Talkie was hated at first, by many, many people.  But the reality of it is, from far away, from quite far away (as above), and from close-up, is truly wonderful, as is what you can see from it.

See also, as time goes by: The Tulip.

I also like all the little red lights in that photo, which are there, I believe, to scare away helicopters.

Tuesday April 09 2019

I see this building every time I step outside Highbury and Islington tube station:


I wondered whether such a photo was worth showing here at all; but a friend saw it and liked it, so there it is.

Life for me just now is complicated, There may be quite a few brief and rather perfunctory postings like this in the next few days.

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Skyscraper covered in Gothic sculpture proposed for Manhattan
Anonymous guys taking (and making) pictures in Trafalgar Square
Out and about with GD1 (6): The journey gets properly started
Screens at dusk
The next but one London Big Thing
A rural roof where I did not expect it
Fantasy Vauxhall Bridge with lots of glass
Four towers joined together by two bridges
Quota Bald Blokes and Big Ben
Less heat and more light
Filling in a Meaningless Triangle near Kensington High Street tube
Going to Kings Cross to see gas holders
Architecture as modified cliché
Very local fog in London
The view from my kitchen
Jim Glymph gets Frank Gehry past the limits of what is buildable
A new Big Thing for Paddington?
Machine versus icon in Modern Architecture
Miniature architecture
Another The Wires! Building in Japan (plus more Dezeenery)
Big house
Richmond boat cat - giant video kitten - East End cat graffiti
Blokes photoing
Glass Build white van
BT Tower with cranes
Crane on fire
Early thoughts on the Rugby World Cup
Dark Satanic Millbank Tower
A day in BMdotcom heaven (4): A tale of two penultimate overs
Rainbow over Millbank
A day in BMdotcom heaven (1): One early picture
Brightly lit against a dark background
Alcoholic Architecture sign
Big Ben through the legs of Gandhi statue in Parliament Square
You can’t make a skyscraper out of containers
Designing and building with glass
Photoing down by the river
Golden Cheesegrater with cranes
With GD2 in Richmond Park (1): Views of London
Lining things up behind the Royal Festival Hall
Don’t mention The Wires!!! in South Korea either!
Credit where credit is due (in France)
Palestra House – then and now
Out and about with GD1 (5): Stoke Newington’s Amazing Castle
London dragon
Sunlight (selectively) on roof clutter
A man taking a Selfie before it was A Thing (and me taking a picture of him)
Keeping up appearances in Sydney
A new Grand Chose for Paris
The next London Big Thing
Cannon Street Station at the end of the street
More keeping up of appearances
The Shard was looking very special today
Windsor Castle from the top of the RAF Memorial
Old London by the Buck Brothers
A very distant and yet very good view of the Big Things of London
Church not dwarfed by anything
Big Thing alignments from the top of Westminster Cathedral
The new Wembley Stadium under construction plus a white van
Two more Pavlova pictures
Shard - Guys - Tate Modern - Blackfriars Bridge - photoed during Magic Hour
The view from outside Waterloo Station
Seaside muralist
How Centre Point is looking just now
Blue sky
Guy’s Hospital tower and Tate Modern tower
Ancient carved god spied in modern London
A new not very big Thing in Paris
Why I mostly write about architectural design rather than about interior design
The Wires get mentioned!  (But it makes no difference!)
More Big Olympic Thing photos
Snohetta does zig zag roofs for competitive cities
Don’t mention The Wires!!!
A Shiny Thing by Frank Stella Hon RA
Another from the archives
Big 4
Viewing the clutter at Centre Point
Made-up London detectives in real London places
Fantastic day
London is getting more colourful
Don’t mention The Wires!!
Photoing the old London model
The receiving station at Swains Lane (and the previous version of it)
Ships on a roof
BT Tower - trees without leaves - blue windows
Big Things in line (with pylon)
Click on the picture to get a different picture
Wheel behind trees
Bean drops snow on tourist
Quota scaffolding and quota roof clutter
BT Tower behind trees
Pavlova with a new building and a passing bus
The ROH bar and its floating-in-the-air drinkers
The view from Suicide Bridge
A drone weaving a structure in space
Another from the I Just Like It directory
At the top of the Monument - in 2012 and in 2007
Drunkblogging a new London Big Thing
Photo-drones fighting in the Ukraine and a photo-drone above the new Apple headquarters building
Talk went well - two (not really) quota photos
Views from Waterloo Bridge
Two pictures of the Shard behind some railings
Another place to look out over London from
Golden Gate being built – Severn Road Bridge ditto – C20 photography – Hitler’s paintings
Some photographers last November
Colourfully painted modernity
Old Quimper Cathedral
Quimper and its Cathedral
Christmas Day photos
Don’t mention The Wires!
I’m an adjective!
Hirst’s Hymn outside the Tate Gallery
To Covent Garden (2): Rough roofs – smooth roof
Christmas tree with scaffolding
To Covent Garden (1): The twisty footbridge
Was Guy’s Tower a key building in the architectural history of London?
Quota roof clutter
In the City with Gus
To Tower Bridge: Shadow selfie – Peace memorial – Big Things old and new
Erith to London: On the recognisability of London’s Big Things
Non-faceless architecture in Rome
Quota photo from Paris (also a selfie)
Looking down through the see-through Tower Bridge walkway – but what about looking up through it?
Photographed flatness that doesn’t look flat
The Poppies (1): What they look like
Shard shots
Bolts are breaking in the Cheesegrater
Friday photo-puzzles
Bald bloke taking a photo
Battersea flats are about to be sold and therefore are about to be built
The “colorful and curvilinear forms” of Herr Hundertwasser
How Bill Bryson on white and black paint helps to explain the Modern Movement in Architecture
I just like it
Recently on dezeen
Helter Skelter scrapped
Another facade being carefully preserved
Chippendale without Rannie
Keeping up appearances
Quota towers
Roof party
Godo and flowers
A birthday party with difficult lighting
Bright buildings in front of dark sky
The ballerina and her support act
Out and about in the sunshine
Brutalism with shirts
A tumult of cranes (and the Spraycan)
Parisian roof clutter gets the Real Photographer treatment
A swimming pool in a skyscraper
Big Things through a gasometer
The view from Stave Hill
Man 3D-prints Thing in his back garden
Oxo Tower with bus advertising The Expendables III
Smaller Old Thing in front of Big New Things
ASI Boat Trip 8: Bridges
The River Thames carpet
Sacred architecture and profane roof clutter - a speculation
ASI Boat Trip 6: Crowd scenes
Self-healing concrete
Quota bird
My favourite Tour de France in London photo
Quota reflection
Colossal fun
More Big Things from the Oval
Big Things from high up at the Oval
ASI boat trip - one good photo to be getting along with
Big Things in the sunset
You need to have abseiled …
What to call the sneerquote Salesforce /sneerquote tower? (plus a quite profound tangent)
What is this Thing?
Photographer photoing photographer photoing Big Ben
3D printed structural joints and another Gormley man
Up the river
Quota photos of and from Tate & Lyle Park
Compact Cats buried under London’s poshest homes
Another London vista
Strata with greenery and a scaffolding sign
Tower Bridge before it got covered in stone
Wedding photos
Building as ornament
I don’t know which building this is but it sure looks fine in the sunset
I see cats
Two skyscrapers joined by a bridge that is a swimming pool
The London Look
Lining up the Strata with the Shard
Organised water
Big buildings reflected in a big building
Shell Building looking good (and why it’s okay to say you like a picture that you yourself took)
Big Things in line and an Ugly Lump that may have made it all possible
Pictures of soon-to-be-built London Big Things
National Theatre Boo
Vauxhall bus station now – and when it was being constructed
Battersea park in the sky
Premier League soccer news
Two badly lit views of “Victoria Tower” and why Big Ben is not St Stephen’s Tower or Elizabeth Tower
The Mayor and the towers
Another strange artificial landscape
Libeskind doing the saw cut style in Ontario
Other things last Wednesday
Under Blackfriars Bridge
Me trying to tell Norman Foster and Richard Rogers apart
South Bank Architects?
Vladivostock from above
Faberge - Brutalism
The ROH from the ME Rooftop Bar
Big Things happening in the City
Seven London bridges from the ME Hotel Radio Bar
Strata quota photo
ME Hotel Radio Rooftop Bar
London’s Big Things from Alexandra Palace
Church really dwarfed by modernity
Three more Paris pictures
Eiffel Tower with chimney pots – La Défense ditto
Big Thing news from New York and London - and a picture of climate alarmism losing
Sandcastles that will live for ever
Spraycan seen through the Wheel
The Tate Modern extension nears completion
Digital photography as telepathy
Ice sculptures in Docklands – Big Things from Docklands
Battersea crane cluster
Upside down photo
Westminster Tube photos
3D printer sighted!
Old London photos
Model Big Things
I’m not the only one who suffers from rightward lean
Big Things on a better day
Big Things and small things
Taking photos with Big Flat Things
More photos of things past
Polish girls in Moscow doing a selfie
Dezeen continues to delight
Bizarre reflection (December 6th 2006)
I need to photo this again
Sunrise from my roof
Early start tomorrow
Wedding photography - old and new
A vanished building and a bendy bus
The Heron Tower restaurant
My own personal Big Thing viewing platform with close-up Roof Clutter
Here are two photos I took earlier
Cranes seen through Cardinal Place
The roof of Victoria Station
Twisted picture from Burgess Park (untwisted with Photoshop Elements)
Battersea sunset
Morgan – Abbey reflected in Morgan – Abbey reflected in other cars
Bad and good in bad weather
The Walkie Talkie and its surroundings
Art gallery made of scaffolding
Photoing each other - and photoing stuff in the canal
Chess set made of London’s Big Things
A day in and around Olympicland with Goddaughter One
Chicago sunset
Bridges for animals
Is this the beginning of the end of the Golden Age of Roof Clutter?
Shard with roof clutter and a crane
Views from Kings College
Blank-faced tower – crazy hairdo
An old Mini and a new Mini
A scaffolder likes Jeremy Clarkson
Stairs Thing outside St Paul’s
Views from the Hackney Wick station footbridge
Pictures from Georgia and Warsaw
Big Things blocked by the trees of Southwark Park
Wedding photography (4): Preparations
Wembley Arch with balloons and with umbrellas
Hong Kong housing that looks like abstract art
Remembering a warmer day
Blythe Hill Fields: What what you can see from them and what they look like
Wandering about afterwards
Crossrail grubbings
Piano strikes the right note again
Four crane photos
Panoramic view of London from the top of the BT Tower
Alastair James on Blythe Hill Fields and smartphones
Talking architecture at the Libertarian Home social
At the bottom of the Shard
Reflections on and in Westminster Tube Station
Strata with chimneys
Big London Things with clutter in the foreground
New crane up
An afternoon in Croydon
Here are (a lot) more photos that I took on March 27th
Interwar Old English pub dwarfed by modernity
Click to see the big picture
Waterloo sunset with vapour trails
The Bezier Building and a hideous advertising erection at the Old Street Roundabout
Strata behind roof clutter
Millbank Tower with street light
The view from the train
The top of the Shard
In Borough High Street
Another excellent spot to photo London from
Dream and reality in Mumbai
Lining Things up
62 Buckingham Gate
Shard reflected
Latest C4 logo sculpture
Only railings
Beware the Men In Orange!
Another blurred photo of Strata
No Misc April – Misc May
Misc March
New Blackfriars station entrance
A view of Westminster Cathedral tower and the view from Westminster Cathedral tower
Snaps (in Paris and London - and of the Millennium Footbridge)
Pictures of the Libertarian Home meeting in Southwark last night
Changing views from the Monument
Google Earth and Mr and Mrs Goose
The Big Olympic Thing from nearer
The Shard looking like it’s in a 1950s postcard
A happy British Summer Time to all my readers
A Happy Christmas to all those still reading this
Shard even nearer to completion
Street social services management integrated command sub-centres
London from the east
The Shard nears completion
Freedom Tower and Gary Johnson at Samizdata
The final Steve Jobs Thing will be a brand new custom-built Apple headquarters
One World Trade Center
WWWhat a great afternoon!!!
More shiny new headquarters buildings
On the superfluity of the Paddington Basin rolling bridge
Nil scrap value
“Things appear almost impossible to escape from …”
Another pub
The Armstrong Gun
The docks beyond the Dome
BrianMicklethwaitDotCom not threatened by the end of the Big Thing Boom
The Shard from beyond the Barrier
Someone doesn’t understand what I mean by roof clutter
Gormley’s South Bank Men
Strata from a station
Blue Men on a boring building in Borough High Street
Kyrgyzstan cemetery and awesome frogs
Mmmmm … scaffolding!
Photographing change from the Monument
If you can’t beat them hire them
Stunning aerial photo of Shanghai
It’s interesting …
A Spanish high speed train bridge and a Spanish aqueduct
What camera is best for doing short videos about architecture?
October 2007 conversation about modern architecture with Patrick Crozier
Shard progress
St Valentine’s Day talk by me on architecture
And here’s the proof!!!  Sixteen little square pictures!!!
Professor C. Northcote Parkinson on the Edifice Complex
Shard in the clouds
Superb Shard pictures
Mmmmmm … Asian skyscrapers!
Abandoned Bangkok tower
Shard in rain
Beyond the Dome with Goddaughter One
Sexy architecture
More bridge magic
The Razor through a bus and without the bus
Cathedral photo
The Gherkin from Englefield Green
Big Singapore Thing
Recent Shard shots
Photoing the World Cup
Strata from Waterloo
Glass on the Shard
Same tower different look
Eye shadow
Shard sitings and and an agreeably honest rabies prevention sign
Strata through a gap
Light and shade
Shard getting bigger
Surrey are now crap at cricket but they are sitting on a gold mine
Visual modified cliche - Wheel and Wheel reflected
The bottom half of the Tokyo Sky Tree
Glass is now very strong
Car in in front of sloping houses
Brightly lit buildings against a dark sky
Airplanes converted into architecture
Why my libertarianism has the look and feel of socialism
The Shard starts to show
London is about to be Kapoored with a big new Olympic Games Thing
Sushi and scaffolding at Victoria
Strata SE1 - seen on the way to London Bridge Station
Shard takes shape
The right to photograph
Awesome shot of Dubai
In Alicante
Reds against Blues in Munich
Two New York stadiums temporarily next to each other
Towers under the weather - and a steam engine steams to the rescue
Hasselblad hit by custom-built headquarters disease!
Saying it with lights in the Victoria Station shopping centre that were still switched on!
Free Skullcandy on a bus in snowy Edinburgh
Burj Dubai looking semi-sane
The Shard is definitely being built!
Picture of an aftershock of the credit crunch rippling around the world
Lining up those London landmarks
What’s up with this?
Luxembourg church in hill and Luxembourg footbridge
How building St Peter’s Rome split the Catholic Church and how marzipan was invented in Luebeck
Wuhan railway station under construction - with sunset behind
A local view
Of lists and distant totally photorealistic skyscrapers
The concrete monstrosities of the South Bank may be about to get colourful
Jonathan Meades on city planning
Another London lump?
Structural decoration
Quota posting
Photographers in bother
Stuff in the foreground I wasn’t expecting
The Wheel through some Art
Crane cluster photo
Wheel etc.
Toys and big toys
Another view over London
Quota photo of the BT Tower
Work begins on the Shard of Glass
MBA - necessary but insufficient
The Rand revival - and some thoughts about Rand’s failure to understand architectural tradition
Ancient Sheffield dwarfed by modernity
Professor Dowd and I contemplate a stately home from a distance
By bus to Sheffield
Docklands towers with barbed wire
The Shard may actually be being built
The towers of London from the Copper Horse
The Long Walk is easier if you have a couple of horses pulling you
London continues to build big
Star Wars mosque and rockets mosque
Picture charging advice please
A view from Vauxhall Station
Colonial Governor’s Mansion dwarfed by modernity
Another fine day and more not Billion Monkey pictures
Palming them off with a sunset
Why Willem Buiter blogs and why I do
A movie staircase and a window
Sheep under wolf’s clothing
Brisbane church dwarfed by modernity and this posting behaving very strangely
On top of Tower 42
An abstract view of Kings Place
Family get-together
Lump art and dinner in sky
More sticking up stuff
City of London lumps and a south London spike
Profundity and silliness
Big Pictures
Jellennium Bridge
Monster buildings and monster people
London after dark from above
Towers above the Dubai fog
Euston Arch
Billion Monkey lady! – Gherkin! – Monument!
Modernity dwarfed by church
To Greenwich by train and back by bus
Modern above ancient
More Beijing smog-blogging
Bird’s Nest in smog
What’s this for?
The original Burtynsky Nanpu bridge picture
Edward Burtynsky photos the towers of Shanghai
Roger Scruton on Prince Charles’s new town
Billion Monkeys earlier this evening!
To let – one Ark
Church covered in church pictures
Politics again …
Big Bens - Wheels - Big Ben teapots - telephone box teapots
San Francisco from Sausalito
Self-guided photo-tour of the streets of San Francisco
Outstanding and numerous aerial photos of St Petersburg
Billion Monkey Alan Little?
Airplane over Putney
The Gatwick Beehive
Another view of the tower of Westminster Cathedral
New classical music venue just down the road from Kings Cross Supplementary
I’ve been busy today so here’s a nice picture of the tower of Westminster Cathedral
Not a hot day in January for the Billion Monkeys!
The moving bridges of Chicago
Ursa major
Gives a whole new meaning to Mile High Club
The white stuff
There’s a crack in the cracks at Tate Modern
Beetham Tower – and a couple of other towers
Bookcase staircase many books electric book
At Bethnal Green railway station
The Shard is a Middle Eastern skyscraper but in London that still counts
Wheel obscured by reinforcing rods
Picture of Taipei 101 that came with Jesus
Tower in the distance
Three proper photos … and three Billion Monkeys!!!
Guess the city (2)
Guess the city
Victorian roof clutter
The robotic future
Gherkin with men in front
Michael Jennings photos Disney Hall
Billion Monkey madness and a proper picture
The new South Bank
Another target rich environment
Pictures of the year
Talking about St Pancras at St Pancras
Southwark at dusk
A bog standard (but rippling and therefore ultra-cool) tower soon to be built in Chicago
More St Pancras snaps
The space between the buildings
Eurostar says goodbye Waterloo hello St Pancras
The Ofcom bulge
The UK is not crowded
Architecture talk
A picture of a Wheel seen through a field of corn
I hope I’m wrong about this
Russian weirdness for the Anglos