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Saturday October 03 2009

Not long ago I said here that I don’t read Guido’s comments any more, because most of them are too silly.  But is this true, I have more recently been wondering, and am I missing out on some good stuff?  So it was that I just read this, which is a comment on this, from Old Holborn:

I follow the Labourlist blog avidly. It is a rich seam of piss boiling authoritarianism written by an ever dwindling number of delusional crackpots and weirdos. It gives me great pleasure to sit back and read the utterly breathtaking weapons grade fizzy bubble poo that spouts out of the mouths of the last few remaining Labour supporters in the land as they struggle to justify what has happened to this country over the last twelve years.

Then I read the polls and see that nearly 80% of the voting population, some 20 million people will not vote for Labour. They’ll be lucky to get 5 million votes in May 2010.

Why? They are desperate to find out over at Labourlist.

Well, over the past 12 years, who has actually profited from Labour?

The poor. Fair enough, you got your minimum wage. What has actually happened is that anybody who is so unskilled that their labour is not worth £5.80 an hour is unemployable. Resulting in millions sitting at home on their arses. They’ll never work again and they know it. To keep them placated, you’ve introduced a massive hike in benefits making it impossible for them to find work and profit from it. They don’t care either way. Using Danegeld, you’ve bought their vote.

Immigrants. An open door policy has allowed every Dick, Tomascz and Mirek to arrive here and take up the jobs you are paying UK citizens NOT to do. Germany were smart enough to block EU new members from seeking work in Germany. You weren’t. So millions sit on the dole, whilst Poles and Latvians work the fields and send the money home. Not counting the million illegals who are currently thoroughly enjoying themselves on out stayed visas.

Minorities. From Lesbians to radical Islamists, you’ve paved the streets with gold for them. You draconian laws and bizarre equality rules means they can shout as loudly as they want, incite violence, demand quotas, funding and “special” allowances that no one else can touch and we sit back and watch them abuse their new rights with a gusto.

The Feckless. Yup. Families ruined, lawless streets, downs syndrome kids with O Levels, feral animals beating us to death, a powerless judicial and legal system, overflowing prisons. Have some tax credits, working family credit, whatever. Just vote Labour.

So there’s your vote. The five million you’ve made life fantastic for. 12 years and you’ve helped 5 million people to “improve” their lives. Non jobs in the State, the unemployable bribed with Stella and benefits to behave themselves (they aren’t) and you expect to win a fourth term?

What have you done for the other 20 million who are paying for the 5 million?

Nothing. Except treat them with utter contempt. You’ve legislated our rights away, you monitor our every move, licence our lives and tax us till we bleed. You regularly insult us, abuse us, search us, spy on us, prosecute us, deride us, laugh at us and then sneer at us.

You are about to be reminded that four out of five of us absolutely detest you for the last 12 years of your “power”. We don’t dislike you, or slightly disagree with you. WE HATE YOU. 80% of the electorate wants you GONE. We don’t care what you say anymore. We don’t care what you do anymore. We just want to be represented again.

So cuddle the poor, the unemployed, the feckless, the worthless, the unemployable and the immigrants, the weird and the wonderful, the “oppressed”, the Islamofacists, the “culturally different” all you fucking want. They’re going to be the only ones voting for you and try as you might, they still only represent one in five of the British Electorate. 20 million of us are going to put you on your bastard arses for treating us like something you walked in. And then we’re going to start undoing the damage you’ve wreaked on this country and it’s hard working, honest, decent citizens who didn’t deserve any of this.

You can stick your CCTV, Police State, wheelie bin Stasi, DNA, WMD, “Social Cohesion”, benefits for all, guilty until proved innocent, don’t do that it’s illegal now, can’t say that, ID cards for all, where are you going, what have you been saying/doing/reading, can’t photograph that, how very dare you, golliwog banning, we know where you live, we’re watching you Soviet Utopia up your arses. Sideways.

I have put down three bottles of very good Champagne to celebrate your demise on May 9th. I intend to party all night. 4 out of 5 people are invited.

I wouldn’t want you thinking I necessarily agree with all this.  I quote it at least as much because it is such a well-done rant, as because I agree with most of it.  In particular, my prejudices are all in favour of Tomascz and Mirek having come here and worked in the fields.  Do you really think that the welfare underclass would have been picking fruit and clambering about on scaffolding for the past decade, if Poles and Latvians hadn’t been?  My belief is that the state of Britain would have been far worse without Tomascz and Mirek, and that they helped pay for all the crap described in the rest of this rant.

Which is also, I now find, a blog posting, at Old Holborn’s own blog, and I’m guessing he did it there first and then copied it into Guido.  So, it isn’t a real Guido comment.  Pity.  If he did the rant at Guido, and then turned it into a blog posting: better, I think.  But, I don’t think that was it.  Cross-posting without saying so is a bit uncool, I think.  But not as uncool as our horrible government.

To the above, “TheCourtOfPublicOpinion” adds the following:

“You regularly insult us, abuse us, search us, spy on us, prosecute us, deride us, laugh at us and then sneer at us.”

Don’t forget the big one – “you steal from us”.


Do you really think that the welfare underclass would have been picking fruit and clambering about on scaffolding for the past decade, if Poles and Latvians hadn’t been?  My belief is that the state of Britain would have been far worse without Tomascz and Mirek, and that they helped pay for all the crap described in the rest of this rant.

Yes, I agree with all that. Britain is a much better place for the presence of the Poles, Latvians etc. However, when it comes to the crunch, this isn’t the core of the reason why the decision to allow Eastern Europeans to come here is just about the one thing done by the Labour government that I unequivocally applaud.

Consider what it was to be a young Pole 25 years ago. You were stuck in Poland, had to take the job you were assigned to, couldn’t criticise the vile communist government, and....

Then consider the freedoms that exist now, which include to fly to Britain for about 20 quid, the right to live and work here and various other places, and to function in the global economy in a way that was forbidden and repressed.

It’s ultimately about freedom. And this is a magnificent victory. For us.

Of course, at the same time, the Labour government has created a visa policy that has turned coming to the UK into an expensive Kafkaesque nightmare for anyone who comes from outside the EU, with the lovely touch that the more economically desirable you are, the worse it gets. That aspect of it is slightly less of a victory.

Posted by Michael Jennings on 03 October 2009

My argument was not that Poles and Latvians should or shouldn’t be here. The argument was that our feckless underclass should be foced to compete with them in the job market instead of being paid to sit at home on their arses.

Posted by Old Holborn on 05 October 2009

As someone who has written comments and then decided “hang on, this should be on my blog too,” I’m inclined to give Old Holborn the benefit of the doubt “innocent until proven guilty.” ;-)

A separate point: perhaps the most damning legacy of Gordon Brown is not the number of people wanting to come into the UK, but the millions who wish to leave, and the net outflow of Poles, who find the UK an overpriced, crime-ridden, bureaucratic nightmare.

Posted by Antoine Clarke on 07 October 2009

I too was impressed, charmed and cheered up all at one moment, by OH’s hammerblows on the Guido thread. It is hard to decide who would have been a more oratorial and forceful PM in the summer of 1940: WLSC or OH.

I don’t think it matters for our movement and project (we have one too, you know) whether he wrote it first and then pasted it into Guido or vice versa. The point is that he said it: and its electric effect on “Nostri”, who then “superabant” “ubique” and “semper”, if even for a moment or two, was worth every penny.

As to Poles and Latvians, etc, we like them up here. They work hard, and to do that they also get out of bed early enough in the mornings. Even if they swear profanely in their own languages while shopping in Asda on Friday evenings (I know they do - trust me!) I can forgive them for the politeness of not doing it in English.

Posted by David Davis on 08 October 2009

I also think Anton has highlighted a specific and dangerous effect of the 13 years of labour misrule.

It is hard to know how the long-term mortal damage of this result can be counteracted.

Posted by David Davis on 08 October 2009
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