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Tuesday May 05 2009

As repeatedly promised during the last fortnight or so, here is the revised and expanded list of libertarian bloggers.  Basically it consists of four things: (1) The original list; (2) all the blogs suggested in the comments on that original list; (3) almost all the bloggers listed here (i.e. except for a few that didn’t work any more and one whose inclusion totally baffled me) by Total Politics, that (1) and (2) didn’t already catch; (4) a few others I stumbled upon myself in among checking out other blogs.  Oh, and I recall excluding a few Americans.  This is UK libertarian blogs only.  Even Americans will probably thank me for that.

There are surely a lot more, as a simple trawl through only the blogrolls of all these blogs would surely demonstrate.  But, as with the previous version, the procedure here is to shove up a rough-and-ready version of the thing, to prove that I am still interested and to keep the ball rolling, rather than to wait until perfection is (impossibly) achieved.  Besides which, I hope it never is perfect, because I would hate it if I personally knew about all the libertarian blogs in the UK.  The fact that, already, nobody (certainly nobody of my idle disposition) can easily keep up is cause not for regret but for celebration.

In other words, don’t attach any significance to the fact, if fact it be, that your libertarian blog is “excluded”.  This just means I haven’t heard about it yet, a sad state of affairs which one short comment will change.  At present, I am including all blogs that want to be included, which is creating a few boundary issues, but I will leave those until later.  Probably just by having subdivsions of various kinds.  Later.

So anyway, here it is:

A Brief Encounter
A Libertarian’s Perspective
a neo-jacobin
a Very British dude
ambush predator
An Englishman’s Castle
Anna Raccoon
Anomaly UK
bag’s rants
bella gerens
Big Brother Britain
Bishop Hill
Blognor Regis
Boatang & Demetriou
Brian Micklethwait
Burning Our Money
Caligula’s Palace
Captain: Ranty
Charlotte Gore
Constantly Furious
Counting Cats in Zanzibar
craggy island
Craig Murray
Curious Snippets from a Cynical Optimist
Cynical Chatter From The Underworld
Daniel Hannan
Devil’s Kitchen
Dick Puddlecote
Disobeying The Whip
Douglas Carswell Blog
EdinburghSucks! dot com
Englands Freedome, Souldiers Rights
Everything I Say Is Right
Ferraris for all
Free Market Fairy Tales
Freeborn John
Freedom and Whisky
From The Barrel of a Gun
Guido Fawkes’ blog
Henry North London
Heresy Corner
IEA blog
ill and ancient
Is There More To Life Than Shoes?
Jerub-Baal’s Spleen Vent
John Trenchard
Liberal Bob
Libertarian Alliance: Blog
Liberty Alone
Libertarian Party South East
Life, Liberty and Proper Tea
Little Man, What Now?
looking for a voice
Mara’s una musings
Mark Wadsworth
Mark’s any musings
Marmelade Sandwich
Michael Jennings
mr eugenides
Musings On Liberty
Nanny Knows Best
Natalie Solent
Neuearbeit Macht Frei
No Borders South Wales
North East Libertarians
North West Libertarians
Obnoxio The Clown
Obsidian’s World
Old Holborn
Oxford Libertarian Society /blog
Panem et Circenses
Paul Lockett
Picking Losers
PJC Journal
Rab C. Nesbitt
Resistance is Useless!
Rob’s Blog
Scottish Libertarians
Shades of Grey
Sinclair’s Musings
Sleepwalking Britain
Stumbling and Mumbling
South West Libertarians
Taking Liberties
The Adam Smith Institute Blog
The Anglo Saxon Chronicle
The Appalling Strangeness
The Digger
The Huntsman
The Idle Pen Pusher
The Landed Underclass
The Last Ditch
The Liberty Column
The Marsh Harrier
The North Briton
The One That Really Is Most Unhappy About This
The Progressive Show
The Pub Curmudgeon
The Welfare State We’re In
Their Contempt For You Is Total
Think This
This Observer
Tim Worstall
Towards Mutual Benefit
Transport Blog
UK Bubble
UK Libertarian Party
UK Liberty
underdogs bite upwards
Voyage of Discovery
Woking Libertarians
Womble on Tour

Dead or resting blogs which are nevertheless still there to be read:

Antoine Clarke
Antoine Clarke’s Election Watch
Brian Micklethwait’s Education Blog
Don’t Hold Your Breath
Richard Garner’s Thoroughly Enthralling Weblog

And now I am starting to be told about (or to learn about) libertarian Twitterers:

David Farrer

My thanks again for all the comments on version 1.  And thanks in anticipation for any more suggestions.  I couldn’t be bothered to check, one by laborious one, that all the links work.  Please comment also if you find any blunders of that kind.

UPDATE Saturday 9th: I have just done another clutch of additions, and have now dipped my toe into the complicated process of separating us (for I am two) into categories.  So I suppose this posting ought really now to be called “UK libertarian bloggers 2.12” or some such foolishness.  But that might cause linking muddles.  Thanks once again to all the commenters whose suggestions have just been added.

Will there be further versions of this list?  Well, I promise nothing, but I very much hope so.  I can’t have smoked out all of them yet.  An exhaustive search through the blogrolls of the above would surely reveal more, just for starters.  So, the quest continues.  Which means that still further suggestions would continue to be extremely welcome.

Given plenty of the membership I’m not I want to be a member.

Posted by Blognor Regis on 05 May 2009

Is Dan Hannan really a libertarian? I think he’s just more of a right winger. I know he’s a TFA member so it is a possibility. Just wondering really…

Posted by Think This on 05 May 2009

Think This:

Good to hear from you.  Thanks for commenting.

On the basis of this:

“No doubt you’ll want to know what sort of political ideology I hold, and so I should declare myself to be one of the growing number of libertarians in the UK.”

... I am adding you to the list.  All the best with the blog.

As for Dan Hannan, well, yes, I wondered too.  Ditto Carswell.  I am starting to think that the list has to have sub-categories, and one of them is political people who obviously have a big overlap with libertarianism as I understand it, but who are reluctant to call themselves libertarians.

People in any of the main parties who call themselves libertarian (in the sense I mean) such as you, Charlotte Gore, etc., are definitely in, but again, maybe in separate categories.

At the moment, I am still at the stage of trawling for possibles, rather than making nice judgements about inness or outness.  If I’m in doubt then, for now, they stay in.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 06 May 2009

What about

Posted by Jeff on 06 May 2009

You can include my blog


Posted by Andrew Hunt on 06 May 2009

And mine if you wanted. . .


Posted by Snowolf on 06 May 2009

Blognor Regis

If this was a club, which you had joined, and from whose members concerted action would be expected, then clearly you would have the right to leave.

Actually, of course, it is a mere list, compiled by me.  My list, my rules, etc.  I do not ask permission to put people in.  I merely judge that it makes sense for them to be in.

To be less bossy and more serious, and to respond to your complaint, one of the consequences of this list might be that criticism of the libertarian movement, both by its participants and by its opponents, will now become that bit easier.  More generally, someone wanting to do the beginnings of “objective” research on what libertarians think about this or that, what they care about and what they ignore, how many of them swear regularly, whatever, will find this that little bit easier.

When I first, very belatedly, found my way to Iain Dale’s list, I thought: ah, this is already being done.  But it would appear not.  But of course if Iain Dale wants to use this as a resource to save himself lots of searching, that’s fine by me.  One recent addition to his list suggests he may have already begun doing this.  If so, excellent.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 06 May 2009

All of the above suggested additions have now been included.  Many thanks to all concerned.  The first list had 32 entries.  This one has now just passed the hundred mark: 101.  I suspect there are quite a few to come yet.

EdinburghSucks! looks especially interesting.  The kind of detailed news and rumour gathering that anti-blogging bores say only newspapers can do but blogs will never do.  Admittedly on a highly specialist topic (Edinburgh politics) but that’s the point isn’t it?

Not all bloggers just ramble at random the way I mostly do.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 06 May 2009

Feel free to include my blog if you so desire. I’ve only been blogging a couple of weeks but I enjoy it immensely. I only wish I had the time to really get into it. Or the courage to wrestle the laptop from the missus’ iron grip!

Posted by Rab C. Nesbitt on 07 May 2009

I feel a little sad that I am not included. I know I’ve been quiet of late but that’s because I’m working hard, not because I’ve suddenly decided to like authoritarianism and state control.



Posted by Trixy on 07 May 2009

I’m not complaining about being off your list because by the definition you use, my blogs are not active enough.

However, it occurs to me that a lot of libertarian blogging is being done in the form of Tweets on Twitter.

Even if my frequent postings don’t count, people like Ian Geldard are clearly using this microblogging, which is restricted to 150 characters, to communicate Libertarian memes, and to quite large audiences, fast.

In fact I’d describe Ian’s use of Twitter (which automatically updates his Facebook news feed) as the most prolific and possibly wide-reaching libertarian blogging in the UK today. On a par with Instapundit for volume and insight.

Guido said he doesn’t like Twitter, yet he uses it very cleverly as a way of telegraphing the fact that he’s just put something on his blog.

The big challenge is what I call the “haiku” compression of an argument into 150 characters (shortened link included).

IMHO, any list that excludes prolific libertarian Twitterers is not only incomplete, it’s missing the cutting edge.

Posted by Antoine Clarke on 07 May 2009

Antoine, twittering it’s not a cutting edge, it’s merely a latest fad.
It’s prostituting of complexity for the sake of popularization.

Posted by Tatyana on 08 May 2009


I know nothing of Twitter.  My only thought is that the name may be unfortunate, suggesting a degree of frivolity which may not actually be inbuilt into the thing.

But a thought does occur, which is that your criticism also applies to the more general thing of “soundbites”.  There too, politicians are accused of “prostituting of complexity for the sake of popularization”.  But soundbites are never going to go away.  I think a great deal of good writing depends upon crafting good soundbites, to sum up what you are saying.

I agree that Twitter is probably silly, the way most people do it.  But you can say the same of blogging, and before that (to reprise a point I often make) the telephone.  Most telephone chat is rubbish.  Yet, telephones are a very profound, and permanent, technology.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 08 May 2009

if your goal is “more concise writing”, than limitation of 150 characters might help you to discipline your thought. So- yes, I can see it has a use, as a tool for stylists, as an exercise.
That’s in case you think concise writing is a good thing to accomplish (and I wish some bloggers considered it such). But writing is more than “soundbites”. Otherwise all we ever needed was reading headlines in newspapers.
Endless simplification of ideas, like abridged versions of classic literature, are suited only for impatient children. Or for mass market of halfwits with short attention span.

Posted by Tatyana on 08 May 2009

Thanks for the link, Brian.

For some reason, Total Politics don’t seem to want to list AngloAustria.

Was it something I said, or does being an anarcho-capitalist site mean that AngloAustria is a-political, therefore ineligible to be on the Total Politics site? :-)

Posted by Jack Maturin on 08 May 2009

I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at Ian Geldard’s Twitter page (I linked to it above), but it is comparable to Instapundit’s shorter postings. Your reference to halfwits is a dangerous hostage to fortune: what happens if you decide to become one yourself?

However, that’s only part of the story. The full list of uses of Twitter are not relevant here. What is relevant is that a lot of spreading and discussing libertarian ideas is going on right now, using Tweets.

Over 3,000 people get Ian’s postings via Twitter directly and there is a cascade effect, especially once mobile phone text alerts are used.

The name is silly, but frankly I think “blog” is worse. At least twittering is a real form of communication and not a bastardized mangling of “website log”.

As for “just a fad.” I recall when Brian was accused of dabbling with just such a fad eight years ago.

The 150 character count does concentrate the mind to express oneself clearly and concisely. At its best a tweet is an epigram.

I think the Libertarian bloggers list should have microbloggers too. But it’s Brian’s list so he makes the rules.

Posted by Antoine Clarke on 08 May 2009

How about…

Posted by Mr Hitler on 09 May 2009

Antoine: I don’t read Instapundit and I will not use Twitter, for any purpose.
Not interested.

Are you getting commission for Twitter promotion?

Posted by Tatyana on 09 May 2009


My rule at present is: if in doubt, put it in.  So, igeldard will go in, as will your Twitter site.

Also, there will be a section for dead-or-resting blogs.  And it occurs to me that I have a certain education blog that will be included in that!

However, what I am concentrating on now is just trawling up all the candidates.  I am now about to add another few more names to the above list, including a few more suggested by comments on this, for which many thanks.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 09 May 2009

Twitter is so clever.

It’s the way it interconnects with via webservices which makes it so useful. New gen phones, iPhones-gPhones, all have apps that connect with its webservices seamlessly. I’m currently running bDule ( ) which aggregates Twittering and Facebooking all in one place on the desktop without having to refresh web browsers. (I’ve tried Twurl and Tweetdeck and reckon this is the best so far).

Infact, the reason missives are restricted to 140 chars is due to the limitations of the SMS payload. The handy trade off is how it encourages creative brevity. I managed to get ‘equilibrium’ into a tweet yesterday without resorting to text speak contractions and came in right on the 0 chars remaining money.

Nerdy? Pointless? Damn right!

Posted by Blognor Regis on 09 May 2009

Blognor Regis: thank you, you prove my point.

Antoine, I looked on your twitter page, and I clicked on Ian Geldard’s.
His: a never-ending list of headlines. Verdict: booooring.

Yours: incoherent remnants of conversations I’m not part of make me feel as a Peeping Tom. I’d rather not. Also, it’s a bit exhibitionist to inform the indifferent world of how you spent every waking minute, don’t you think? Verdict to both, as before: not interested.

I have to correct my original statement: it’s a fad, but not a “latest” fad. It’ll pass, just as the MySpace craze passed. Good riddance, I say.

Posted by Tatyana on 09 May 2009

For those that do twitter you can find my tweets - mostly links to full articles (not always, but largely libertarian) at

If you Facebook, you can view an almost identical feed at

A slightly different feed with more general items can be found reddited at

Or you could stumble some of my postings at

Take your pick ...

Posted by Ian Geldard on 09 May 2009

Thanks for the plug Brian. I’ve already had more people sign up to follow me on Twitter, so there’s a clear Micklethwait effect.

As far as I know, yours is the only list to have a UK Libertarian Twitterers section. Which is handy in itself.

Posted by Antoine Clarke on 09 May 2009


You’re very welcome.  I only just put you on the list, so I’m guessing they were mostly getting to you via your first comment.

Being a complete Twitter ignoramus, I’d especially appreciate any news of other libertarian Twitterers besides you and Ian Geldard.  Particular libertarian Twitterers who don’t do regular blogging.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 09 May 2009

Strewth Tatyana,

Take a chill pill. When Brian blogs about cricket do non-aficionados rant and rave about it?

What so terrible about something being a fad anyway? Trad Jazz was a fad but that doesn’t mean it didn’t leave somethings of value in its wake:

Posted by Blognor Regis on 09 May 2009

@henrynorth is me on twitter aswell

Thanks for the mention twice

Posted by Henry North on 09 May 2009


I’ll try and provide you with a list of libertarian twitterers - I assume you want to focus on the UK.


Posted by Ian Geldard on 10 May 2009


Thanks.  And yes, UK only.

Once again, and no offence intended, quality is not the point.  Just, are they libertarian?

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 10 May 2009

Blognor Regis: I don’t like your tone.

Posted by Tatyana on 10 May 2009

You could include me - Anomaly UK (

Posted by Amcguinn on 10 May 2009


I’ve caught the Twitter bug:

Posted by David Farrer on 10 May 2009


Why was I left off the list? After all I am one of the top UK political twitters and I write from a libertarian perspective about UK politics.

Posted by Andrew Ian Dodge on 17 May 2009

Oh yes, I am

Posted by Andrew Ian Dodge on 17 May 2009

I am one of the top UK political twitters

And, one dares to suggest, perhaps the most modest.

Posted by FFS on 17 May 2009

You may wish to add


To your twitter list.

Posted by RobW on 22 May 2009

Brian, you could add

Posted by JMP on 05 June 2009



I haven’t forgotten about this, by the way, everybody.  Just been taking a bit of a rest from blogging generally.  There WILL BE further versions.

Your blog looks good, said he after about three minutes of looking at it.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 05 June 2009
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