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Thursday April 23 2009

Yes, I thought I might have a go at this.  Some libertarian blogger or other, whose call sign, though well known to me, has slipped from my mind, commenting on something I wrote recently, somewhere, said something along the lines of: “There are lots of libertarian bloogers out there.  Lots of us.” Well, how many?  To put it another way, how well is the libertarian movement in Britain actually doing?  This is surely one good way to measure it.

My point is not to assess quality, or to wonder whether I personally like them or will want to read them every day or every other day.  (This will not, in other words, be the libertarian bit of my personal blogroll.) Nor do I intend to fret about readership numbers.  Just how many libertarian bloggers there are out there? Who are they?

Inevitably there will be border issues.  Is blogger X a libertarian, or too much of a Lib Dem supporter, rather too willing to back the LDs even when they aren’t being libertarian?  (He has that perfect right, of course, but does that mean I should strike him from this list?) Is blogger Y really an American blogger, despite having been born here?  Does blogger P earn a place on the list, given that he last posted six months ago?  Does blogger Q blog a lot, but only very rarely about libertarian issues or the fact that she’s a libertarian?  And inevitably, if I keep at this, the question will arise of exactly what a libertarian is.  (Some may argue that, on foreign policy grounds, Samizdata is a bit iffy.) This will, in short, be a personal list by me, however impersonal I try to make it.

Maybe the answer is to have a core list of definites, and then various other lists of people who, for this or that reason, may or may not merit inclusion.

Quite soon, I need to know if anyone else has done this.  If they have and I like what they’ve done, I will stop bothering. But the only way to find out about a scheme like this, if you don’t know about it already, is to start doing it anyway.

What I now have in mind to do is shove in list towards the end of this posting, and as and when I revise this list, do another posting, copying, pasting and adding to the original list, adding whatever commentary seems appropriate at the time.  This means that the blogging idea of postings going up, and then when finished staying up, warts and all, will not be violated.

This first list is simply my blogroll, severely culled of all non-libertarians.  Just for now, I’ll follow an “if in doubt leave it out” rule.  I wonder how many that comes to.  Here we go:

Bishop Hill
Blognor Regis
Brian Micklethwait
Burning Our Money
Counting Cats in Zanzibar
Devil’s Kitchen
Douglas Carswell Blog (yes I reckon he counts – even though he is a Conservative MP)
Ferraris for all
Freeborn John
Freedom and Whisky
From The Barrel of a Gun
Guido Fawkes’ blog
Libertarian Alliance: Blog
Liberty Alone
Little Man, What Now?
Mark Wadsworth
Michael Jennings
Natalie Solent
Obnoxio The Clown
Oxford Libertarian Society /blog
Picking Losers
Rob’s Blog
Sinclair’s Musings
The Adam Smith Institute Blog
The Welfare State We’re In
Tim Worstall
UK Libertarian Party

There must be several wrong inclusions and wrong exclusions just in that severely culled version of my blogroll.  But, with apologies for all those wanting to be in, or out, it’s a start.  I hope that, any week now, this list may start being of actual use.  If for some reason you want to copy it, feel free.

It goes without saying, as people say when they really want to say something, and who in fact plan to to say it several times, that links to further libertarian bloggers to add to this list would be extremely welcome.

You didn’t need to cull my blog (Don’t Hold Your Breath). I do assure you, I am a libertarian.

Or is because I haven’t posted anything for nearly a year?

Posted by Andy Wood on 23 April 2009

Yes, the latter got you omitted.  I note your regret, and will ponder how to correct things.  Your blog is still there to be read, even if not recently added to.  The same applies to The Wealth of Nations doesn’t it?  Maybe a sub-category for sleeping blogs?

As I was just thinking as I posted this, one of the major qualifications for being in is, maybe, simply wanting to be in.

Provided of course this is not accompanied by a futile attempt to persuade me to mean something different by “libertarian”.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 23 April 2009

I’m a “Blogger Q”, a Libertarian who blogs fairly regularly but only occasionally about politics.

A bit like yourself!

Posted by Ian Grey on 24 April 2009

You missed Devil’s Kitchen. The ultimate in swearblogging! Tim Worstall also counts.

Posted by Tom Burroughes on 24 April 2009

Well I had DK there as “The” Devil’s Kitchen, but I see that he just calls himself Devil’s Kitchen, so that has now been corrected and he takes his place among the Ds

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 24 April 2009

And Tim Worstall is now in the list.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 24 April 2009

From looking in my Google Reader:

There’s the LPUK blog:
Is Frank Furedi a libertarian?
What about Free Market Fairy Tales?
Do objectivists like count (but the site is down, grr)?
I’m pretty sure the Englishman in his Castle describes himself as libertarian; yes, here:

Posted by Rob Fisher on 24 April 2009


Grand writer, all-round libertarian and very sound fellow.

Posted by David Davis on 25 April 2009

Excellent. I have so much reading to do!

Posted by Tatyana on 25 April 2009

Total Politics has a goodly selection of Libertarian blogs amongst them

Cheers Guthrum

Posted by Guthrum on 25 April 2009

Found it interesting that you have omitted the personal blogs of the Leadership of LPUK - Libertarian Party

LPUK Leader - PJC Journal
LPUK Chairman - Lookingforavoice
LPUK Head of Policy - NeueArbeit Macht Frei

Any reason?

Posted by Rob Rhodes on 25 April 2009

I didn’t make it either. I’d have thought having the word, “libertarianism” in big letters across the top might have been a clue but perhaps I’m not on your radar Brian!

No bigg

Posted by Charlotte Gore on 25 April 2009

I am disappointed to be missed off the list.

Posted by Tom Paine on 25 April 2009

All those omitted so far:

Please be assured that omission means nothing except that you weren’t in my much neglected blogroll, which formed the basis of this posting.  Many of the blogs mentioned above are known to me; I just hadn’t got around to adding them.  There is nothing at all interesting - i.e. revealing of any pov on my part - about these omissions.  Indeed, part of the point of this enterprise is to fill in such gaps.

Apologies for any grief caused.

The next edition, due Real Soon Now, will include all of the above.

Thanks in particular for all those LPUK bloggers.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 25 April 2009

What about The Last Ditch....

Brian old chap, I think you need to siddown for a few hours, not go billionmonkeying for a day or so, and do a little research!

It’s OK, it’s a noble effort and if anyone can compile the definitive list, you can, and indeed ought to. It’s part of your job!

Posted by David Davis on 25 April 2009

PJC Journal is one of the best. It should not have been omitted.

Posted by Dan on 25 April 2009

I have just realise what a very good job I am already doing with this.

One of the signs that you are doing something very good is that people complain about how badly you are doing it.

If you are doing something insignificant, they just walk on past in silence.

So, many thanks to all those who are praising me with faint damnations, in among suggesting further additions.

As I say, there will be a second edition Real Soon Now.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 26 April 2009

Ta very much for including me on the list.

I’m not even sure that I count as a capital L libertarian, as they tend to major on what the government “should” or more likely “shouldn’t” do (which is much a matter of personal morality).

I’m much more interested in what a government “can” do, which is pretty much f*** all, really, given that there are 646 of them and 60 million of us.

So let the ‘government’ stick to the few things that only the ‘government’ can do (law and order, immigration control, cutting taxes, whatever) and the other 59.99 million of us will sort out the rest.

Posted by Mark Wadsworth on 26 April 2009

Err… What about the good folks at ‘Old Holborn’ Don’t they deserve a mention?

Posted by Mr. Jolly on 26 April 2009

Just strolling through.

I wouldn’t expect to find myself listed, being very much a lowly backwoodsman, but I am in your blogroll, and a libertarian to boot (honest! I have the Gadsden Flag on my blog and everything!)

Of course, it’s your call - some of my opinions may be beyond the Pale.

Posted by Trooper Thompson on 26 April 2009


You are a classic case of someone who is in because they want to be.  The next edition will definitely include you.

Almost all libertarians seem to have some opinions that are beyond the Pale, according to most of the regular libertarians.  It’s who we are. to quote a cricketer I have been recently writing about here.  (Who he is is a bowler as well as a batsman.)

Anyway, thanks for the comment.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 26 April 2009

you forgot my blog Big Libertarian party banner across the top of it

And Neuearbeitmachfrei blogspot too

Posted by Henry North on 26 April 2009

Can I be a libertarian blogger too?

Posted by Chris Gilmour on 26 April 2009

Either I’m a libertarian blogger, or I’m doing it wrong.

Posted by Craig Murray on 26 April 2009

Same Craig Murray I read so much about on Natan’s Registan?
Funny, how lefty liberals want to be considered libertarians now.
Gee, Brian, you ARE becoming a cool kid! Everyone and his ex-Ambassador to Uzbekistan wants to be your friend!

Posted by Tatyana on 26 April 2009

your friends, have crawled out of the woodwork.

The next thing you will have to do it split up your bolgroll into Libertarians, and er, ummm, “others”. I’m not sure you’d want to do that, but there you are.

Posted by David Davis on 26 April 2009

I don’t know where the rest of that above comment went....

...but it said something like Brian has done a great job with this post, as all sorts of friendly people have not only shown that they read him, but have asked to be put on-side.

Posted by David Davis on 26 April 2009

Do I count - The Digger?

Posted by The Digger on 26 April 2009

I’ve only just started this one, Brian, but it will be a pukka libertarian blog:

Posted by Patrick on 26 April 2009


You should read my blog rather than what Nathan (or more usually neo-con lunatic Joshua) writes about me on Registan.

Actually I am not a “leftie”.  I am not any kind of socialist.  I am indeed a libertarian.  Why was I so opposed to Karimov?  Go figure.

Posted by Craig Murray on 27 April 2009

I just found this one and I’m don’t think it’s been mentioned here yet:

Posted by Rob Fisher on 27 April 2009

I try…

Posted by NB. on 27 April 2009

I would still rather call myself a liberal than a libertarian, but the word is simply too misused at this point. In Australia the Liberal Party are in fact the right wing conservatives, so it is even more confusing for me. (In Australia, if someone says they are a “liberal” without further explanation, it means they are a conservative. If they say they are a “small ell liberal” this means that they at least like to believe they come from the tradition of Hobbes and Locke, but they probably do so only in a fairly squishy way).

Posted by Michael Jennings on 27 April 2009

Michael: Australia is a country upside down.
Craig: thanks for your reply.

Posted by Tatyana on 27 April 2009

Bella Gerens,

And that’s before you get onto all the people who are libertarians but don’t blog about politics…

Posted by Bishop Hill on 28 April 2009

Thanks very much for all these comments.  As I say, I promise there will be a Next Edition, and a Next, etc. but am still pondering how to present it, and what else to say about this.

I didn’t expect Iain Dale to link to this.  Just did not see that coming.  And that has made this rather more of a public issue, so to speak, than I expected.  But, the number of comments does indicate that the question is an interesting one.  I think the key is the point about how this is not a list of the libertarian (leaving aside the definitional aspect for the moment) bloggers whom I, or anyone, personally likes, but a list of all of them, at any rate it aspires to be.  I think people are interested in seeing that.

Bishop Hill, thanks in particular for your comment, for the bloggers, and for the other point you make.

I think the issue of people who are libertarian but who don’t go on about it is particularly interesting.  I am very interested in such people, although if I list them, I should say that they don’t do politics.  As has been pointed out, I am somewhat this way inclined myself.

There is something rather odd about people who think politics is way too important banging on only about ... politics.

Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 28 April 2009

You can count me in if you’re still counting.
Life, Liberty and Proper Tea

Posted by Bernie on 30 April 2009
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